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VNHOLY GROVND IX ∆ th33 m1n15try xv ♥ ∆ TEXTBEAK

Tundra enlisted TXTBK for their latest VNHOLY GROVND installment and this one is a definite keeper. Check out the tracklisting below so you can see for yourself, this covers all the bases on it’s nocturnal dystopian journey. From Miles Davis (?!) to 'Blade Runner Blues' by Vangelis all the way back around to ∆AIMON and a likkle Death In June. Right up my dark, tech noir alley this mix is cyberpunk as fvck. Feeling it. And it feels wet. G37 17 while you still can. Blam X’s 2.

click click – a little room sickness
anne clark – weltschmerz
peter gabriel – dressing the wound
miles davis – portia
vangelis – blade runner blues
thighpaulsandra – hovercar von dusseldorf
the glove – perfect murder
a;grumh – bucaresse
mascara – shadow of tonight
death in june – winter eagle
holy other – touch
the wolfgang press – bottom drawer
textbeak – cx vein karp
voctave – fauxmotion death coast – my world is empty without you
∆AIMON – amen
cindytalk – memories of skin and snow
dome – cruel when complete
his name is alive – you and i have seizures
ministry – dream song

Willy Moon - I Wanna Be Your Man

The wettest. Sold. Off one (thee only) song, Willy Moon has brought my precious tech noir to life like none other right now. Old time bad Teddy boy swaggin with and electronic jump up vibe. Future-primitive. Thee balance in style and aesthetics shines clearly through these audiovisuals. Ask this skinhead raver if he approves. Wait for it, here comes his absolute and final answer…. Blam. Blam.

Bonus 2 blams fi Okey Dokey and di fiiiiiind.

Beautillion - Passive

The Jackson, Mississippi based duo, Beautillion (Ansley King and Bobby Hansford) have some nice, atmospheric and witchy junts. Love thee samples in this one. Killing me. Tech Noir. 2 blamz.



Barrington Levy - The Vibes Is Right (Om Unit edit)

Om Unit made a rude boy’s day with this +/- tech noir +/- vibe. Seen? Spill Barrington Levy’s essence all over some jazzy future club vibes and it is a wrap fi me. I got my hat cocked, suit on, blammer tucked, can’t tell me nothing. Rudie don’t fear! 2 big blamz. (rude boy salute)

Antoni Maiovvi - Murderfunk

Antoni Maiovvi is the man dem when it really comes to synth work. Pure cinematic, ultraviolent OST level pressure on them keys. +/- TECH-NOIR +/- Blam. Blam.

Sour Times (den5hion remix)

Best believe. This is Tech Noir. Tribal spy trillwave. Den5ion got Beth Gibbons down in Mexico somewhere changing up her drug of choice right chea. BLAM. BLAM.

The Present Moment - Intrigue

The Present Moment killed it with their latest viddy. Shot in Los Angeles and set in and alternate reality (The Nazi’s won) is pure Tech Noir. Old time bad dark wave vibes and timeless monochromatic visuals? Count +/- Blam Lord +/- in. Blam. Blam.

Ultralite (Cult) Classics

Ultralite (Cult) Classics

DEMONIO & Furio Đunta - JUG ft. Orkestar Fejata i Nebojše Sejdića

That beat (Thee breakcore rollers embedded in it) and them horns are so wet. Demonio and friendz wiv Tech Noir via Serbia flow. Cyber life worldwide network foo. Blam. Blam.

cyber wetness

cyber wetness

Blambodian konkrete jungle tech noir back alley cat.
Blambodian konkrete jungle tech noir back alley cat.

Arae - Noir

So wet. Big city atmospheric on chill vibes. Thee homie, BKLYN rep Arae drops his debut The Longest Night (For FREE) on 3rdeyeldn. The Future of Garage is safe as (Yuh, I did that). INFINITE-BLAM.

Tracy - Essiac

Nice and dark techno off thee Dynamic Reflection label. Nuff said. B x 2.

GR†LLGR†LL getting gothic couture love. INF-BLAM

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