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Nailed to tha wall by █powwowW Yes. Hard as nails. Gunshots and the okkult. Powwoww! Blam Blam!

   Coma Projection by █powwowW 

 Really enjoying this new Powwow tune right now. I can just imagine the flashing lights and fog on the dance floor. Witch, you better W O R K. /snaps ring encrusted fingers in hex formation.
Coma Projection by █powwowW

Really enjoying this new Powwow tune right now. I can just imagine the flashing lights and fog on the dance floor. Witch, you better W O R K. /snaps ring encrusted fingers in hex formation.

(via techno-witch-deactivated2012021)

Powwoww put out his first EP today and it’s a pick yr own price deally. Hella phresh witchy juntz. I fvcking love dem hi hats. Witches can’t zw∆g out without high hats right? Get me! Get this!

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Oh snap. This is so wavy. I was slipping. I had promo’d the ruff edit of this when SKELETONKIDS put it up fi preview. Now it’s officially out. 2 dollar holler and it’s yours with remixes by █powwowW and ∆AIMON . Grab it up and zw∆g out to Kvlt Shyt. Blam Blam.

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powwowW - Seax Magic

powwowW with anuva grave rave choon. Loving it ta death. It feels like that moment when you lock eyes with another damaged soul dressed in black, sulk dancing on the other end of the dance floor and you just know, you will end up grudge fucking the hell out of each other come closing time. No shame. Sweat out what ails you on the floor and then the bed, and possibly another floor, wall, backseat, whtvr.

Off the Phantasma Disques cdr release out June 10th.

Who is putting out there cdr at midnight? Powwoww that’s who. Is this a taste of it? Tasting mighty wet and I’m digging it’s flavor. Dirty Sprite and Absinthe. Okkvlt slapz. Blammer Blammer.


I seriously stayed up to Midnight (Pacific time) to get a taste of the new Powwoww cdr for Phantasma Disques and I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. The whole ting is soaked through. Massive synth, that signature stomping witchy beat and atmosphere galore. Puts you on that mob slowly down the street, eyes dead to the world shxt. Get thisssss. 6 trackz fi 6 buckz and get 6 reasons to strap on yr boots and stomp the urban terrain. I couldn’t pick a fav so I had to randomly grab one a post it. Cvlt Classick. Blam Blam

*Cover Art by Cosmotropia de Xam

Powwoww - Psychic​-​type Mix

Powwoww on one wiv this mixxx. 2 blamz.

Max - Kiss 2 Kiss (Japanese version)
the tleilaxu music machine - Audrey’s Trance
Crystal Castles - Year of Silence
Ayshay - Warn U
Pyramids of Mu - Illuminatu
Tall Paul vs Inxs - Precious Heart
Dance 2 Trance - We Came In Peace (91 Mix)
Adeptus - Central Valley Sadness
Shisa - Catwalking
Teengirl Fantasy - Love Don’t Live Here
L.S.G. - Fragile
Cold Cave - Gates

Powoww - I am One (It’s what I am)

Powwoww threw the okkvlt gauntlet down with this one. Like, witch what? I gotta write to these nxt lvl slapz. 2 big blamz.

Britney Spears - Crazy (powwoww ☯ rmx) -25%

Powwoww you cra cra for this one. 25% slower thass it? Soundz like Brit Brit sipped lean and we have caught her singing to herself in the bathroom mirror after her career downfall(as if that could ever happen). Zwvg. 2 big blamz.

POWWOWW - Secret Black from kohnkepik on Vimeo.

powwoww - secret black

Wet. So wet. This new synth soaked and high hat drenched powwoww track got zwvgged out by kohnkepik wiv this viddy. Use nearly 90 year old footage from Häxan, audiovisually introduce the occult to thee okkvlt and you summon a triple O.G. witch. Blam. Blam.

powwoww - Church Crxets

You are the troof powwoww. This got me doing the heel/toe tap yafeelme? That footwork a being does before they get allllllll the way down. So wet. 2 big blamz.


PVRT II. Is BLAM LORD on this with Powwoww? Whaaaaaat? Infinite blam.

▲NDRΛS – Die in Hell
The Ceremonial Dagger – Who is the Sickest Witch?
ƧƆỴ†ɧЄ – Zmeya
I†† – M@£kµth
M☽☽ℕ M♞℟℟☽℟ – SH∀M∃L∃SS
The Wild Eyes – Sex Slave
ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖiŞŢ – Untitled
Drugs for Drunks – The Grateful Ones
SIGNS – Grip
Rapeworm – You Won’t See Me Around / Romanze (Pt. 2)
Mr.Kitty – Uncarressed
GorgeousTaps ft. NastyTaps – Spooky God Like Pain
IEJM13M – Cold Run
___N___ – Goldsprankle
Fl▲sh$i† – FuCk3d By D3M0n$
Chlorine – RA RA
ÅÜßRÊÿ – Pl▲za
Dead Inside the Chrysalis – Cum 2 Daddy
SIN EATER – Virgin
Daze of Heaven – Womb Tomb (feat. Teaadora and Womb Weather)
BlamLord + Powwow – Why All These Symbols?
Special Darkness (previously Audrey Horne) – Killer
GuMMy†Be▲R! – Cosmic_Arcade
EC†OPL∆SM – Somnium (SINS Remix)
WIK▲N – Gucci Bitches
Death Coast – Hood Kult
Mushy – Vivrai Nel Terrore
Vortex Rikers – Oceanic

This mix is dedicated to the memory of Antonio Urdiales aka ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖiŞŢ aka PONYBOY

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