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Deathday - Blood on a Summer (Mellow Grave remix)

Mellow Grave refix ov a Deathday junt via Sweating Tapes. Mmm, Synth and organ go together like knives and blood. Blam. Blam

Os Ovni - Holographic Dreams

BANG! Blambodia is back. 1st, this wonderful new choon from synth duo OS OVNI wiv a trippy video from thee VidKidz. INFINITE BLAM.

DAZ∃D GAZE /// UNIK0RN M00N from DAZ∃D GAZE on Vimeo.


DAZ∃D GAZE paired his perfectly dark sounds with footage from thee cult classic film Black Moon (I had a childhood crush on Cathryn Harrison, gorgeousity). Off thee 0UR MINDS MELT CDR available through Phantasma Disques. INF BLAM.

~▲†▲~ / VEINS - Necklace

Beautiful dark emotive sounds from Moscow based Veins. Now float. INF BLAM.

FOSTERCARE - Burning Dice X Sleepless

HAVE IT. FOSTERCARE spilled caustic Rust Belt materials all over this 2 song ol skool raver flavored audiovisual treat. INF BLAM.

Blvck Ceiling - the devil rides out

Feel that murk. Lean back into your seat, deep in the pocket and just float. Blvck Ceiling drops Shvdow next week on Ihadanaccident. Infinite BLAM.

☪♀co ᴐaᴚᴃ☉ᵯᴃ - ⑉█t h a i ◀เครื่อง▶ m a c h i n e█⑇

☪♀co ᴐaᴚᴃ☉ᵯᴃ and ❚W❙IT❚C❙H❘B❚O❙Y❘ bring that cyberpunk reality I long for and pull it’s synthetic flesh over a titanium-alloy skeleton. Next thing you know I’m seated behind and android cabbie zipping through traffic, 40 stories up. Seamlessly. Infinite Blam.


Don’t turn yr back on magick indeed. This okkvlt evolution incantation will light up your batty. Hurry and get this wicked refix //TENSE// did for CROSSOVER. Infinite Blam.

Spell Hound - Tooth and Nail

KCMO duo Spell Hound are thee latest addition to Aural Sects. Hear moar cathedral chill out room vibes on their self titled debut EP. Blam. Blam.

NYC based goth Skeletonkids has released a new mixxx for you to sink yr rose gold fangs into. Cos naturally you got dem if you ride real okkvlt swangas. Infinite B_L_A_M.



A modern goth flip ov thee classick Primitive Radio Gods song. 2012 fitting. Nice one BL/\CK CEILING. INF BLAM.

Samara Van Rijswijk - FVCK with you

UK res Samara Van Rijswijk bringing proper dark and caustic audio. Thee Van Rijswijk sisterhood is bound to tek ova. Ya dun kno. INF BLAM.

Astraelle - Herstory of Love

Houston gal dem Astraelle unlocked her future primitive powers all ova this junt. Out now on her 3 track EP S P A C E • L A C E. INF BLAM.

Os Ovni - Ode to a Space Convict

This coldblooded choon from Os Ovni is strictly for my reptoids. Fear us, for our time approaches. Off thee upcoming V.A. SOMETHING COLD. INF BLAM.

BURIAL HEX - CXB7 #65 Moon Martyr Mixtape

Burial Hex took control on TXTBK’S CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 this Sunday. I was laid up and injured so I missed my zaggin inna chat but I got to jam this set recently and gotta give it a big gun shot salute. No genre is safe and it’s pure dark city vibed out. Nuff said. Inf blam.

Coil - Are You Shivering?

Zebra Katz (feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx) - Ima Read

The Bug (feat. Killa P & Flow Dan) - Skeng (Kode 9 Remix)

Young Hunting - Embers From The Pyre

Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (Zombies For Money Remix)

Cajmere - The Percolator (Major Lazer Remix)

Chrissy Murderbot (feat. MC Zulu) - The Vibe Is So Right (Ghosts On Tape Remix)

Sounds Of The Future - The Lighter (Phillip D Kick Edit)

DJ Earl - Hit Da Bootz

Sounds Of The Future - The Lighter

Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom (Burial Hex The Lighter Edit)

Major Lazer (feat. Turbulence) - Anything Goes

Kano (feat. Vybz Kartel) - Buss It Up

Chief Keef (feat. Lil Reese) - I Don’t Like

Karl Marx Stadt - Fuck

Horrid Red - Forever Is Too Long (Catholic Version)

The Mob - Dance On (You Fool)

Crisis - Alienation

Iceage - New Brigade

His Electro Blue Voice - Dead Mice

Nation Of Ulysses - The Kingdom Of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm

Lost Tribe - Winter’s Draft

Amebix - The Beginning Of The End

The Effigies - In From The Cold

Rivolta Dell’Odio - Golgotha

Screaming Dead - The Lovers

Teenage Panzer Korps - Human Winter

TSOL - Waiting For You

Zanov - Phantasm

Wolfgang Dauner - Mudations

Don Bradshaw Leather - Distance Between Us Pt2

Ned Lagin - Seastones

Cyclobe - Brightness Falls From The Air

The Threshold Houseboys Choir - Imitations Of Spring

Every Sunday, 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST you can get on Bummer Bit Radio and hear Textbeak or choice guests bringing you down into thee dark nether regions ov thee CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3.

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