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weedeater - willow [signs witchbaby torture]

Lemme find out. That you don’t like signs. Y u even here in Blambodia? Thee numba one source fi ghetto goth audiovisuals. ∞ BLAM

K.0. ©H@N€Ł March 2012 Mixtape

14(!) and up to thee time comes Germany based K.0. ©H@N€Ł wiv a proper mixxx ov present day future slappers. NUFF SAID. ∞ BLAM

Korallreven - Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix)
TOP8 vs. 5kinAndBone5 - Tachikoma Twerk
Unicorn Kid - Wee Monsters
Babe Rainbow - Greed (LOL Boys Remix)
RUHAPPY - Freezzzing
CRIM3S - Germs (GuMMyBeAR’s Destructive Remix)
Crystal Castles - Suffocation (HEALTH Remix)
A1MILL3R - Cube Based
Pictureplane - Power Exchange

Teams - Love Distance

First, thee A side to teams 7” out this coming month on White Iris puts you in the mood to walk across a club like you are thee absolute flyest ting alive. Maybe throw in some shoulder shrugs, a lil knee pop… *Artwork by Niko Da Ikon. ∞ BLAM

teams - Glow Fam ft. Dick Models

Then thee B side to teams upcoming release on White Iris sends you back across the floor, post slightly buzzed, straight nearing full tip mode to kill the dance. *Artwork by Alis Pelleshci. ∞ BLAM



gleam dream

gleam dream

powwowW - I don’t want to look in2 ur eyes

Forever ghetto goth funking through life thanx to killer artists like powwowW. That knock in this junt instantly shot thee Ready For The World classic Oh Sheila through my forehead and out the back ov my head. So wet, so messy. INNAGOODWAY. INF BLAM.

MATSFER - Who are you?…. no … Who am I?

Synth is just sexy. This cold wave minimal piece from Argentinian MATSFER has got my mind wandering with thee possibilities… INF BLAM.


NYC based goth clothing line NVR MND got this bleeding edge (plasma sliming) slap set from ▲LΞ(†)▴₩ØLF ov thee UK collectiv Post Religion. Shyt opens wiv my man dem Craxxx bubblin Mavado refix and nah let up. BRUKOUT. INF BLAM.

1. Craxxxmurph - Mavado - Settle down (Craxxxmurph Soap Bubbling Body Rmx)
3. Tennis Rodman - BOOMBOOM
4. Tripple Six Soundclub - Woofer Wrecker
5. LV - Melt
7. Vtgnike - Crazy In Love
8. NEUPORT - Craxxxsoft - Up 3 Dayz On Adderall & Red Bull ((Neuport ReDose 30mg))
9. 18+ - Forgiven
10.Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Dan2600 8bit RMX)
11.Skin & Bones vs TOP8 Friends - Tachikoma Twerk
12.Flosstradamus - Hood Fantasy
13.$LUDGEHAMMER - Slime Journey
15.DJ Fresh - Submarines (Origional 2001 Mix)
16.Signs - Bodybag (WakaFlockaFlame, Bo Deal, Wooh Da Kid — Signs Torutre Fix
17. Alex Wolf - I#CH∞ZE U

Grimes - Visiting Statue (M¥rrĦ Ka Ba Remix)

Oh you did dat M¥rrĦ Ka Ba. Turnt this Grimes choon into grade A slow rolling material. INF BLAM.

rizzla_dj - DICK

rizzla_dj got someone butt play wiv that classic Queen B sample. The tentacle dick hentai imagery is a mega bonus point. This dirty slap is out soon on Fade To Mind. INF BLAM.

Lao - Power Ov

Plz believe it. Blambodia is riddled wiv TOPY cant. And choons like this power chanting beast from Mexico City, Mexico based Lao. Okkvlt evolution. ∞ BLAM.

AS¥AA - Let da beat (destroy ur body)

Italian duo AS¥AA return wiv anuva post rave burner. This dreamy ting is full ov breaks and dub fx but runs on a different plane then a jungle tune. Alternate universe is massive. INF BLAM.

DJ .♂ presents J-DRAG volume 2

Simple. Drag a whole set ov J-pop tunes. Instant and heavy rotation in Blambodia. Slowed, those voices and thee overall sound just trigger ghetto goth swanging. INF BLAM.

Brave Girls - b’girls are back
MAA - Ghost Enemy
Perfume - ねぇ
Ayumi Hamasaki - rollin’
Koda Kumi - KO-SO-KO-SO
Meisa Kuroki - Wired Life
lecca - Jammin’ The Empire
Girls’ Generation - Mr. Taxi
VERBAL feat Namie Amuro - BLACK OUT
Koda Kumi - Boom Boom Boys
Zebra Queen - NAMIDA~ココロアバイテ~
Hashida Anniversary - Theme from Panty and Stocking

DJ Assault - It’s Yo’ Booty

Let’s just get into it yeah? No intro, no foreplay. DJ Assault drop thee beat. And big up all dem butterfaces. INF BLAM.

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