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Wiz Khalifa - When I’m Gone (ÅUßRÊÿ Re-edit)

ÅUßRÊÿ got a mega wet viddy treatment from Count Backwards for this Wiz Khalifa tune. Hazy summer re-cap drag. Digging it. Dreamwave. Nostalgiacore. Witch Made Klikk foo. 2 blamz.


Wet. Oh, weirdluck yr so phresh. 2 Blamz.


SKYLINES is a killabo between PARTY TRASH, TOP GIRLS and RAW MOANS. Wet. Part hazy, slightly slowed, pure bliss RnB on the smoothed out all the way out tip. This track is tight but my fav off the self titled EP (on sale now at their Bandcamp) is ‘Slow Down’. Blam. Blam.

Slow Head - The Pearl

This new Slow Head choon is uh-maze. Synth, chimes, a steppy beat and that old time bad bass line all meet up and reminisce on all the good sounds they have made together. Out on Disaro early 2012. INF-BLAM.

ʄ≜uxmuℭica - Olde World Order

Tough and tech noir just like we like it here in Blambodia. ʄ≜uxmuℭica is thee truth. INF BLAM.

BOY MTN - all-american switchblade mix

BOY MTN, thee man behind Sewage Tapes cooked up a set ov nxt lvl hazy junts. Turn it up and push tings F_W_D. INF BLAM.

raw thrills~daydream shivers
snow wite~diane
horse head~bones
dean blunt & inga copeland~11
hleger~cereal for sundance
$ludgehammer~suicide verse remix
blissed out~4 3 2 1
karmelloz~ti bitch
lil b~gabana flow

ian curtis wishlist - flutters

Clanging right down my alley. New arrival to thee Aural Sects playing field is Springfield, Missouri based ian curtis wishlist. Sit in thee hazy warm cocoon of his 8 track lp receiver. Blamx2.

Spell Hound - Classic Case

Thee duo Spell Hound put both whimsy and coldblooded murder in this choon. And urban wasteland cruise in a Cadillac convertible. ∞ BLAM

Hearts by Shisa & Choongum

New from Shisa comes Hearts. Well worth hitting them download flames up for these quality remixes. INF BLAM.

Summer of Haze supplied Germany res starrrgasm a kvlty backbeat. ∞ BLAM.

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