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Nathan No Face tracks smell like sulphur and bang like cannibal tribe war drums.

A Bad Seed Grows by Nathan No Face


Swindle - Moodswings

Well this just feels good. I have been digging Swindle’s production since he first started tossing tings up and really, really felt this Moodswings track. Big up to the Butterz Records camp for putting this out. And what a video!

Swindle »» Site »» Twitter »» Soundcloud »»

Out now on Butterz Records!

Gucci Goth - Fall Of The Internet Witches

‘It’s a statement piece.’ - Gucci Goth

I get you. Lots of needless and lame drama under the witch house roof. It can be a bit like Real World: Salem or some shxt. And there is plenty of dark and dope music out there available to ghetto goth swag out to without coming near the ofttimes negative energy cloud looming and booming over witch house. Nuffin’ long, Gucci Goth went in on this one. I feel his hackles up, ‘longside the darkness, bass and club bangerz. Seckle!

Fall Of The Internet Witches by BlackBlackGold

Gucci Goth /// Tumblr /// Facebook ///

"I say I’m a 1,000,000%, that is better than a 100%" - Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP)

Mean Gene and Macho Man? Max Goofy from the Goof Troop? And David Axelrod?? Well done shogun NegroSaki.

18Carat - Imperial

Nothing like a banging choon and homemade/straight random cut and paste video footage to get tings popping in 2011. 18 Carat has got that work.

Blawan - Gettin’ me down

Hella phresh future garridge. Brandy vox ftw. Ravers skankin’ harrrrd to this choon.

Arae - Unsighted

Brooklyn residing/repping Arae is flinging dem futuristic garridge vibes nice and proper. Yet retaining all the old tasty bits from old time UKG. Beasty enough to get picked up by UK based label 3RDEYELDN. That is h e a v y to me ya dun know. Big up Area and the whole 3rdeyeldn massive. I back yr movement.

Unsighted by Arae

Jubilee - Diamond

High stepping in my Docs top this one. Wooosh. Big up Jubilee for the heavy vibes.

Shortstuff | Naughty Step

Dutty choon from Shortstuff. Looooooving them b-lines. Wet A S.

Naughty Step by Shortstuffmusic

Greenmoney gets a proper remix from French Fries on this one! It swings like old time soulful UKG and I was sold the second it started. Roses Gabor (my homegirl) gets put center stage in this version and commands you to get low on the dance floor and just style on the whole world. Download available at RCRDLBL

Ghost Note - Midnight (Clip)

Ghost Note makes incredibly dope music. This is just a preview and I am ready fi hear the finish piece. Nuff said. Vibe out. Blam Blam.

PurpsNZ - Hello June

Hello June, you sure is looking nice. How ya been? Yeah, it’s been like what? A year since I’ve seen you! Well, enough of the formalities. I am balls deep in you right now bb. Loving life, cranking up good music and enjoying myself. Wheel this one back, PurpsNZ will have you stepping in no time.

Kry Wolf - Crossfire

New choon from the all tings dutty, funky and heavy duo Kry Wolf. Loving the climbing arrangements. Action. Adventure. Suspense. BLAM. BLAM.

Amsterdam based Fellow slangs heavy tropical vibes. Ken Wolff created the tropical tribal futurist video. Both welcomed in Blambodia with rude boy salutes. I stay rinsin’ up zeeeen?? B L A M + B L A M

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