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Be The One (new!!!!) by BRENMAR Brenmar is HVRD.

Usher - Appetite (Kingdom Edit) by kkingdomm

Speechless. Blam Blam.

Oh shiiiiiit. Brenmar dropped a mix for Fader. It’s wet as fvck. BANGING IT!

Brenmar, Gold Bricks FADER Mix by The FADER

Sheeqo Beat onda rmx. K I L L E R 3ball.

Prince Jean - Merguez

Pwooooosh. Okay then. Ya don’t have to snap my neck with ill nana, nonsense off the jump playboy. I mean damn. Prince Jean is coming for the global ghetto slapz crown.

Merguez by Prince Jean

Brenmar - Taking It Down

Summer is looking exxxtra phresh with all these rad jamz coming out rite now. Hella tite. Brenmar, you gotta hip me to where this barbershop is. What customer service. LOLZ


It was a must I tossed up this Canblaster and Berou remix of Nguzunguzu's Got U trinack. You know I got you bb. We out here. Wild life. Tribal life. Tropical bass.

Nguzunguzu-Got U (Canblaster and Berou rmx) by Berou

Gucci Goth - Fall Of The Internet Witches

‘It’s a statement piece.’ - Gucci Goth

I get you. Lots of needless and lame drama under the witch house roof. It can be a bit like Real World: Salem or some shxt. And there is plenty of dark and dope music out there available to ghetto goth swag out to without coming near the ofttimes negative energy cloud looming and booming over witch house. Nuffin’ long, Gucci Goth went in on this one. I feel his hackles up, ‘longside the darkness, bass and club bangerz. Seckle!

Fall Of The Internet Witches by BlackBlackGold

Gucci Goth /// Tumblr /// Facebook ///


Up jamming like I alwayz do. This FAMILY mix has hella slapz. And it’s title suits cos it fluctuates between the okkvlt and the club, the ghetto and the gothic. Just like I like it. Zwa666. by FAMILY

I’m so high that I need some shade!

Super geeked for the Brenmar EP coming out June 20th on Grizzly. Hella club slapz.

And then there’s this Dubbel Dutch remix that will also be in the EP. Pwhoooosh.

feeling you

You like that bb? Nice and smooth. Yet hard. Feeling all over u. Triple staxxx done kicked in.

Dj clap - feeling you by djclap

I want you

Plain and simple. Dope as ever. DJ Clap took the words right outta my mouth. Fetish club.

Dj clap - i want you by djclap

Tracy Glover - Watch me pop

LA raised, NYC based Glover Junior is that new new. Wet.

GLOVER JUNIOR || twitter || soundcloud || youtube || facebook

18Carat - Imperial

Nothing like a banging choon and homemade/straight random cut and paste video footage to get tings popping in 2011. 18 Carat has got that work.

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