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Orgasmo Sonore - El Topo tribute

Frank Rideau aka Orgasmo Sonore makes his very own OST musical tributes to the cult classics and their musical composers. From Morricone to Frizzi to Cipriani and of course, GOBLIN. 100% A OK in my book. This is all a one man affair mind you. He puts his arrangements together alone, track by track. Of course, one of my all time faves (and biggest influences) El Topo would get a tribute and here it is. Acid western. Blam Blam.

Alejandro Jodorowsky - El Topo tribute by Orgasmo Sonore by Orgasmo Sonore

Wet. Primal. Cult..
Wet. Primal. Cult..


Damaged Good$ used footage from the cult classic Alejandro Jodorowsky flick The Holy Mountain to provide visuals for their hallucinogenic audio trip. Blam Lord Approved. B x 2

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