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PHEROMONES - Devil’s Caress

Oh yeah. Filipino man dem PHEREMONES throwing down black sticky liquid nocturnal vibes something fierce. Nice to see Southeast Asians letting out some dark riddims. Especially a Pinoy! (Shameless half blood plug) 2 blamz.

SKELETONKIDS - Teenage Dream


Ready fi blamz?! First shots fired my zaggin. SKELETONKIDS latest junt is soaked. So nihilistic. 2 blamz.



NATTYMARI - c0m3 m477r3ss

Euch. Take that. Take that. Take that. Witch Made tho back. Still, killing most current shiz. 2 blamz.

POWWOWW - Secret Black from kohnkepik on Vimeo.

powwoww - secret black

Wet. So wet. This new synth soaked and high hat drenched powwoww track got zwvgged out by kohnkepik wiv this viddy. Use nearly 90 year old footage from Häxan, audiovisually introduce the occult to thee okkvlt and you summon a triple O.G. witch. Blam. Blam.

Cp - King of the stars

First track on TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 2nite and it meltz my face off with synthesized vibes. Turns out to be Aural Sects very own ♈cp♈. I be slipping on my own phamilee. Hurry up and tune in with me here. I’m sliding through the chat till it’s over at midnight! 2 blamz.

thoed myndez - shot callin’

Re-loading and rinsing out again on you suckas. Quit sleeping on Thoed Myndez. They coming. Party Trash and Nattymari. Kingz of dragged n zwvgged. Drip fest. Splash back. Tho up. ∞ B L A M

Beautillion - Passive

The Jackson, Mississippi based duo, Beautillion (Ansley King and Bobby Hansford) have some nice, atmospheric and witchy junts. Love thee samples in this one. Killing me. Tech Noir. 2 blamz.


San Jo based, newfound bredren TR££B£∆RD made this dreamy walk in a fog covered swamp wetness, named it Castle Blam and dedicated it to ‘the mystical land of Blambodia’. Yuh large! It is featured on thee EP Swagger Jacker that I reccomend you snatching up. It contains more of this glitchy, witchy, dark wetness that gets utmost spin in Blam Nation. Gun salute TR££B£∆RD. B X 2.


Fvck yeah. Wet. Blamming hard for them 305 bass vibes in this. There are far more moody and broody junts on Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept, the new album from Mellow Grave but this is thee one 4 me. Zang, Australianz are doing it real big lately in Blambodia. Not in thee least bit surprised though. It is a country of large culture shifts from one area to the next. Ideal for phresh perceptions and artistic output. Digital available now, physical release (skeet skeet) available on Living Tapes soon. 2 blamz.

SortaHuman (StonerGang) - Never Gon Land (Nattymari Obliteration)

NФΔH 23 f†. ÐΔЯҜ §i§†€Я - §ҜvŁŁ​-​Fvc†

Based goth! This track is double + good. What?! Wet. I’m drenched over here. Thee homie Party Trash threw this at me a couple dayz ago but this is my 1st chance listening to NФΔH 23 and I’m insta-done4. Wavelengthin. And putting Dark Sister on this junt made my tiny pantz even tinier. Zwvg. Grab thee whole ФCҟVL† †ЯiLL †H€ Щi†CH-†ΔP€ on thee name yr own price tip not now but rite now. 2 blamz.

I†† - əX†®​@​c

Aural Sects upgrades on thee regular. My phamilee stayz fluid, remainz liquid. Now, I†† (eye double cross) has dropped a 2 track single of dark ambient trackz through thee almighty AS?! Yuh large. 2 blamz.


RIP Antonio Urdiales. Blam. Blam.

teehnbwitches - Badd

Thank yoooooooou Teehn Bwitches for this entrancing witch jook. This song is spilling out of Blambodian speakerz so viciously right now. Projectile splashassination. Rave Life/Grave Life. +/- 2 blamz.

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