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so breezy, so wavy
so breezy, so wavy

Clubs for Boardgames † IXTLI

Zang Tundra Dubs. This Clubs For Boardgames junt is soggy wiv vibes. Slo mo throwed flow. Moar plz. 2 blamz.

In my element
In my element


Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsion. Os Ovni take on The Carpenters classic We’ve Only Just Begun . A dreamy vox, bleep n synth mutilation of it actually. Beyond just enjoyable. [OMBG, 1408 brought me here!] 2 blamz.

Ǥơ§ƪoŵ - Cabo

Plz drank responsibly. Go Slow on that Cabo Wabo in the S u ӎ ӎ є r Я a i n. Swag me the fvck out for that witty Blambodian wordplay (I keed) and go download the whole release. 2 blamz.

WET personified. Zombelle & Myrrh Ka Ba dropped Tropicult today on Tundra. The ticket to join this wet n wild wave party is only a 3 dollar holler. Get on that. Bttr smmr phun than you’ll get down at the public pool. Euch. No thx. This my flavorite junt off it. Beach Blanket is soaked. It needs to dry out before we leave Blambodia. ILY 2 IRL. ∞ BL▲M

Blambodia nightz

Blambodia nightz

YarrowSlaps - Searchin’

#Splash. Dreamy azz sample right thurr YS. Nem270 sampled some OG 80’s for this junt. Top down, floating across the Golden Gate Bridge type shiz. 2 Blamz.

3▼3|T3▲- H0N3ST

3▼3|T3▲ blew me away wiv this junt. Leaning to the side hard, top down, whipping the wheel down the Blambodia coastline. You can taste the moisture in the air when you turn this on. It is audio fog. 2 blamz.

RNB Millionaires - L.O.V.E.

I just can’t avoid how wet this is. TYRnBMillionaires for swaggin out that late nite/early morn, out of party favors, whose sharing cabs, whose safe to drive home, who wants to fvck swag (witty). Blam. Blam.

Meszahline ft. Bobbi Dahl - Now What

Meszahline got Bobbi Dahl to throw down incredibly soaked vox on this dreamscape of a beat. Emotion flooding, hips winding, tears flowing. Keep the hard stuff away from meh, I’m going through one wiv this junt. 2 blamz.

Terminal Twilight - The Lovers (ʄ≜uxmuℭica’s Midnight Exit Mix)

Mi bredren ʄ≜uxmuℭica (Operator of escc9) flipped thee Terminal Twilight original jusssssssssst rite. It’s a late night in Blambodia and I am walking by my lonesome in thee concrete jungle feeling it. Bask in thee humid, hazy, smog filled vibes wiv me. 2 blamz.

FELICITA - shougang fantasyrush/ wavey

New 2 track attack from thee mysterious LDN repping FELICITA? Mind blown. First with a crrrrrrrrrrrrazy ebbing and flowing grime riddim and then with a heavily saturated blanket of chimes and pressurized bass. Grime and chimes. Heroic bloodshed and gun fu? Hong Kong Triad Rave Life? Release the doves. Blam. Blam.

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