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┼ Z0MB3773  ┼
gVn h4nd go b74m b74m!!

┼ Z0MB3773 ┼

gVn h4nd go b74m b74m!!



$LØW HE▲D?  Zombelle? Nattymari? 2 Pistols?? All killers, no fillers. Blam Blam!


Nattymari - AL0R5 4Oo (via nattymari)

ᴃṌṹ⊓∁∊ ṜᴑℭK ∮K∆⏉∉ ṚΩḶḶ

\/\/0▲/-/ GuMMy†Be▲R \/\/0▲/-/ !!!



My Enigmatic Twisted Reality Mixtape by GuMMy†Be▲R!

My Enigmatic Twisted Reality(intro)
Hitmanes Anthem - Lunice
A.L.L.- FriendZone
Headless - Tearist
Siccmade(GuMMy 666 Edit) - Brother Lynch Hung
Suzie Q’s - Jay Curry
Low Class Conspricy - Qusimoto
Hisaishi Monsta - Space Ghost
Delirious - Vistoso Bosses
Crossroads(Chopped) - Bone Thugs And Harmony

(0LD 45 7|-|3 (0\/3|\|’5 4L74R.

KREAYSHAWN - Bump1n (Nattymari Obliteration) by nattymari

Nattymari drags Kreayshawn’s track to hell and back, black magick swagged the fuck out. Witch Made Klikk meets the White Girl Mob. Blam Blam!

GuMMy†Be▲R! - O▲KL▲ND


Here he comes. Death.


ÅÜßRÊÿ making me reminisce for them mid 90’s gnarly sk8r/raver, cuttin’ class and tapping ass dayz wiv dis junt. Super wet Kids monologue fi di win. Two shotz fi Witch Made Klik rep ÅÜßRÊÿ , B l A m/b L a M.


Nattymari - XUNXHOVVER

Euuuuuuuch. Fvcking so soaked it’s damaged everythang. Nattymari punished John Denver’s tune Sunshine on My Shoulders for even mentioning the sun. Fvck ham, fvck swag my zaggin went beast mode on this witch. Zwv666.

Nattymari - X I7 2 3D3N

Have I blammed yr mind out yet? No? Is there room for another hexxxcelent Nattymari drag edit? Now, if you were to hear the original version of this yr jaw would dislocate from the pressure homie imprinted into this junt. He dressed a little tropical raver kid up in a totalitarian uniform and got him lockstepping across your eardrums like fvck your life breh. That vacant but tough, washed out feel is like looking into the eyes of a stone cold veteran in a tank busting division. Witch Made Klik’s triple OG DxGxAxF. 2 BLAMZ.

Nattymari - Propmaster

What is this faded, warbling, warped cassette 60’s gypsy/cult/freak beat/industrial strength noise cacophony going off in my ears? Nattymari going blam. That’s what. 2 big azz blamz. .

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