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DOLPHIN SEX: The Mixtape by Roxy Cottontail and DJ Fresh Direct by Roxy Cottontail

Roxy Cottontail and DJ Fresh Direct want you to know how wavy dolphin sex is. WAVY! Download this!

Zantron - Lenzi

8 bit horror score horror visual ZW∆G

LINDSAY LOHAN from V Magazine on Vimeo.

Lindsay Lohan" A Richard Phillips Film

SO WET. Pop culture’s obsessive gleam reflected in her eyes, in that infinity pool and the ocean. Touching herself on the screen though, that is the deal sealer. Big up Marco de la Vega aka WhITCH for this discovery tonight.


In case you missed the download cut off when this came out, MASCARA was nice enuff to toss up a new link to this. So get it h e r e and enjoy this magickal oceania bliss wave with me. Mmm, feel it crashing down on us, don’t fight the pull of the tide, go with it. We can breathe in this element.


Shisa - (memory)

Grab this, crack it open and inhale. (memory) is a 14 track album Shisa has put out with the help of the AMDISCS : Futures Reserve Label. Highly Blam Blam Fever recommended. Shisa makes wavey, ambient witchy shxt to make your brain vibrate and yr ‘this is the jam’ grin to activate. (memory) is another sign summer is upon us. So many signz!

Shisa ~ Tumblr ~ Soundcloud ~ Facebook


I Am Water exploring a tribal riddim feel. Loving how aquatic and yet insectoid this sounds. Like a Nat Geo extreme close up of a millipede’s feet. With lil’ microscopic Doc Marten’s on every last foot stomping through tiny Congo jungle floor puddles. TRXBXL LXFX.


Shisa’s exxtra wet choon Crossing Bridges in Your Car Looking at the Sky got a hella phresh video treatment from William Sarradet. And now it’s a 360 degree beachy keen summer solstice junt. Off Shisa’s debut LP (memory) out now on Amdiscs. 937 17.

And add Shisa on Facebook. Do it.

Ela Orleans "Neverend" from movies for ears on Vimeo.

Awww. Ela Orleans crafted this delightful tune in her own words as a ‘good bye postcard dedicated to her friends in NY’. This tune is right on time for summer right?? I wanna comb back this Jackie Wilson pomp I am casually developing right now. I wanna turn and see the girl of my dreams in all black e’rythang and say “Saaaaaandy?”.
This choice tune is out today on Double Feature, a 12” split with Dirty Beaches on la station radar + Atelier Ciseaux (In Europe) and Night-People Records/ Wet Hair (Stateside). Dreamy, beach blanket, Mr. Zog’s sex wax™ wet. Summer is officially here. Blam. Blam.

Nosaj Thing- Fog (ages cover)

Phresh new beat bully, ages with a lovely lil’ acoustic cover of Nosaj Thing (If you haven’t already, hear the original here) track Fog. Perfect for me on this late night sesh. And road trips. I see the Spanish countryside listening to this. Blam. Blam.

Teams - Why U Do Dat

Mmm, new Teams. Dive in, splash around. Get soaked in those extra wet tropicult vibes. Blam. Blam.

YBT VI from LuckyPDF TV on Vimeo.

Completely liquid lil mix Felicita made for YOURBODYISATEMPLE. Wooooooosh. WET. WET. WET.

The bro bro Delliot whipped up a nice and hazy smmr phun viddy for this tune from Shisa (the other bro bro). Put yr googles on. Safety first. 2 blamz.

And if you haven’t, go get Shis’a LP (memory). It’s still available on the name yr price tip.

Interpol - The Undoing (Moths remix)

Moths eating (lulz) on the new Interpol choon. Feeeeeeeling it. 2 Blamz. Moths



Ryan Trecartin gets the futuristic treatment from Pictureplane and it is absolute wetness. Look at that digital wave. Surf the web, get wet! B X 2.

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