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The Knife - Poetry By Night (FiNiGhT Remix)

FiNiGhT went a likkle out in left field digging this tune out and remixing it. The electropop duo The Knife (who got mad clout for the Heartbeats choon) created it for the Swedish film Hannah med H. Nice one bruv. L8 night delight. Blam Blam.

The Knife - Poetry By Night (FiNiGhT Remix) by FiNiGhT

AyGeeTee - Ah/Ready

Cinematic. Big and lush. A late night/early morning walk on a rocky beach in the Gulf. Ugh, and the increasing pressure near the end? Claustrophobia. Panic attack. Right on AyGeeTee. Blam. Blam.

Fl▲sh$i† - Black Roses from Julieta_triangular on Vimeo.

Fl▲sh$i† - Black Roses

Soaked. New Fl▲sh$i† in preparation for their EP out soon on Black Bvs Records. Do I hear west coast funk synth whistles in there?? And this video (by Julieta Triangular) is wet as fvck. #Ocean spray.

Light Asylum: A Certain Person on

YES PLZ. A new Light Asylum viddy. Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello are a powerful duo. I love that real life NYC woman so harrrrrd. And now I love the Nowness for having such a rad layout. Blam. Blam.

Teeel - Triangle Waves

Hitting the spot on the late night/early morning tip. Crank up the Teeel and get mellowed out. It’s like insomnia tea with a splash of good whiskey. Mmmmm, yeah, this is a good night cap. (Silencer on) blam. blam.


High Park - Love Cult

High Park with a whole album (All Day) full of blissful ambient waves clashing with exxxtra wet splasherz like this junt. Does this encourage my totally rad (and Velveeta cheez as fvck) flaming download GIF? Fvck yeah. 2 Blamz.

Newclear Waves - Tishina (feat Xiu)

Newclear Waves and Xiu stay in Rome and Milan respectively and this collaboration is dipped fully in that dark and ominous Italo discotheque flavor. And a b-line away from Miami Bass too (remix n-e-one?). So wet. Blam. Blam.

The Pleasure Field - Colorblind

Nice and wet. Machina Muerte affiliates The Pleasure Field drop a dark dancer for thee late nite all black everything set. Blambodian Warlord (and kink appreciator) approved. Blam. Blam.


Wait what? Wet. Coyote Clean Up put a slick fit on this LA Vampires jawn and now it is acting all brand new and stuff. 2 blamz.

ƸC†OPL∆SM - Creeper (Nattymari Obliteration)

Sure, I’ll let this kick off 2daze Blambodian assault. So n-e-wayz, and ƸC†OPL∆SM track meets a powerful Nattymari enchantment obliteration inna dark alley. Thee dark electronic powers tear through the cloth of convention and the fabric between witch house and SLAB (Slow Loud And Banging) thins even more. Future looking dark bredren. 2 blamz.

KLOAKS - Dreams (Demo)

KLOAKS coming out swangin wiv this dark atmospheric wetness. It’s glow-in-the-dark sacrificial fluid leaking up a wall, supernaturally powered. Blam. Blam.

Powoww - I am One (It’s what I am)

Powwoww threw the okkvlt gauntlet down with this one. Like, witch what? I gotta write to these nxt lvl slapz. 2 big blamz.

WET personified. Zombelle & Myrrh Ka Ba dropped Tropicult today on Tundra. The ticket to join this wet n wild wave party is only a 3 dollar holler. Get on that. Bttr smmr phun than you’ll get down at the public pool. Euch. No thx. This my flavorite junt off it. Beach Blanket is soaked. It needs to dry out before we leave Blambodia. ILY 2 IRL. ∞ BL▲M

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