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You gotta hip roll to this one. VΞRACOM future chopped this to pieces. INF BLAM.

Bulk Heroin - Afghan Kush (VΞRACOM’z Drug War edit)

VΞRACOM drapes this Bulk Heroin (Vetroid) beast inna thoback Tokyo suit. Maximum Blambodian praise. ∞ BLAM


Automatic rinse. When VΞRACOM turnt this classic R&B snippet into and all out chopped and joosed beach side boat drink, you know a zaggin was onnit blaad. Thee Dallas, Texas based artist filled his self titled LP out now on AMDISCS with similar computer glitch meets S Curl relaxers. Lean back and feel waves develop in your ‘do. ∞ BLAM

Luxurious (VΞRACOM’z Egyptian Cotton C&S)

NBD. VΞRACOM just throwed that Gwen Stefani (ILU bbgrrl) junt. SCREWHEAD4LIFE. INF BLAM.

VΞRACOM - thug hug

If you didn’t hear it’s debut on Rose Quartz, then here you go. Thee super smoothed and chopped now age mixxx by VΞRACOM. INF BLAM.

\:e-sMoke internet
i got fee|ings 2 (112@hotmail.calm)
u hurt me dawg (keith_sweat\:teenage screwicide)
thug |uv (jennifer_hudson: 2nd life puberty)
how to: |uv (freddie_jackson.)
nothing |asts ∞ (*keith_sweat* forgot his keys) signing off ir|

Heatstroke x VΞRACOM - #HD_ELBOWS

Heatstroke and VΞRACOM took lil bitz ov Southern Hospitality by Ludacris and well, joosed it out. INF BLAM.

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