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Rad advert for a UK clothing line/shop. Blam Blam.


Jungle is MASSIVE

Classic bad man material, ya dun know! Blam Blam.

Anuva UK crooner? Okay. Cool. All I know is Hudson Mohawke killed it on the remix right chea. Blam Blam.

You can see mi inna dance


D Double E. Dizzee Rascal. Footsie. DIRTEE STANK! Bluku Bluku! Blam Blam!

ASSS - This place is a wreck

Wetness. Off the upcoming ASSS/Meddicine split. And across the pond watery grave rave. Proper.

Blawan - Gettin’ me down

Hella phresh future garridge. Brandy vox ftw. Ravers skankin’ harrrrd to this choon.

Skanky - Ghost

Boooooooooooooooooo! (heh) Wheeeel it back selector! Skanky UK anuva from the 3RDEYELDN camp with a nice lil ghostly jamilam. This choon is wet. #ectoplasm

Skanky - Ghost by skanky uk

Jubilee - Diamond

High stepping in my Docs top this one. Wooosh. Big up Jubilee for the heavy vibes.

Creation Rebel & The New Age Steppers - Chemical Specialist

One of my largest inspirations is Adrian Sherwood’s On U Sound. No long ting. Google if you must. I’m just glad I have homies like Nattymari and Carl Clan Destine that get me on how important this label was. And how massive it’s sound. Blam Blam.

Integral - your smile

Integral is another artist from the 3rdEyeLdn camp bound to mek serious moves. This tune is lovely.

Kry Wolf - Crossfire

New choon from the all tings dutty, funky and heavy duo Kry Wolf. Loving the climbing arrangements. Action. Adventure. Suspense. BLAM. BLAM.

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