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Katy B - Lights On (Lao Guarachero Funky Remix)

I definitely keep on moving with the lights on. Loved this Katy B junt and I definitely feel this guarachero/house version coming from Mexico City’s DJ Lao. And he’s killin’ it even harder with the TOPY ink and imagery.

Katy B - Lights On (Lao Guarachero Funky Remix) by Lao (aka Majadero)

Crazy Cousinz - Inflation (Slow Down Edit By Guxxi Vump)

It’s only when that UK Funky infamous Crazy Cousins xylophone drops in all slowed that I have to bust 2 for this Gucci Vump edit. It’s a straight bubbling latino trap house junt now. Tropicult hooligang bangkidang. 2 blamz.

KON - TuЯnabout

Kon with them official tissue nxt lvl post genre club slaps. The Earthbound EP is out on B Yrslf Division September 21st. Blam. Blam.

Hush Hush Pony - Know Less

Poland based trio Hush Hush Pony used some soundbytes of big booty Bey to get this lil junt swanging all future funky like. Wet. And now they’re running with thee Movelt Posse. Nice one bruvas! Blam. Blam.

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