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Party Trash and Nattymari - THOEDMYNDEZ

Yeeee’n know?? Party Trash and Nattymari are about to team up and keep slanging out thee wettest, dragged and dripped junts like this one under the name, duh, Thoed Myndez. So geeked for this okkvlt classick killabo. Oh and do not forget the Sortahuman/Dark Sister/Party Trash action LOSTPLANET coming soon 2 a speaker near you. (If you got Blambodian in you) Clan Destine bredren. 2 blamz.



The OG gave us that H-Town stamp of approval.

2 wet. 2 blamz.

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*Blammer re-load and rinse out* Up thee views on this phamilee. This is trill slowed shxt rite here. That is SUC footage on DMT. Nattymari and Party Trash are absolute animals and 100% pure blood Blambodians. Pushing music in new directions yet still remembering thee primal (ghetto) roots. Infinitus Blamitos.

TR££B£∆RD - S’n’B Mixtapes Volume One: Responsive To Change

Thee homie TR££B£∆RD swanging down with a slurred and blurred muckstape. It is soggy soaked and I am loving that tracklisting. From Yay Area to Indie to Swag to…Charles Bukowski. Drenched. Blam. Blam.

L.I.F.E. (For What It’s Worth) - Scarub Mystery - Hodgy Beats
Go With the Flow - MF DOOM
Cream of the Crop - Witchdoctor ft. Cas Metah
Dead Bent - MF DOOM
Somethin’ Holy Like Qur’an - Andre Nickatina & Equipto
Ghost Town - Sunspot Jonz
Han Solo - Mac Dre ft. Syko
Lazy Daze in California - Language Arts Crew
Ice Pirates - Sunspot Jonz ft. Del the Funky Homosapien
That! Pt. 2 - Equipto ft. Andre Nickatina
That! Pt. 1 - Andre Nickatina & Equipto
Dormier - Domo Genesis
Lickupon - Viktor Vaughn
Fog - Sunspot Jonz
Stuart Littles - Mac Dre
Andre N Andre - Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre
Ambitionz As a Ridah - 2Pac
Genius of the Crowd - Charles Bukowski

M∆ƉℂNN▲ - Into The Groove (spf5Ø drag edit)

Dive in get wet. spf5Ø gave passionate Aural Sects to Madonna on this drag edit. Infinite BLAM.

Young L - Its Your World (Chopped and Screwed)

So wet. Young L gets that pure primal Party Trash zwvg. Taste thee syrupy wetness. Blam. Blam.

Lil’ Wayne - With You Feat. Drake (Screwed By Brodinski)

I can keep it 100 with ya and tell you I don’t follow the careers of Lil Wayne or Drake. For personal reasons I don’t care to even break the surface on. I do however bang hella S.L.A.B junts and Brodinski hooked this bitch up (or is it dowwwwwwwwwwn?) And who woulda thunk, Drake’s delivery, the way he drags out the ends of his bars would sound so wet dragged out even more? B x 2.

Strange Powers - After the Gold Rush

Nattymari hit this Strange Powers S.L.A.B junt wiv visualz. Thee whole Genetisis EP is soaked. INF BLAM.

Blown H0ll∆ \_e​@​/​\​/ 2011 Chopped and Screwed Mixtape

BLOWN is them zaggin. E’rybody and they mama should have this Chopped and Screwed mix and thee original BLOWN HALLOWEEN junt. Bleeding edgers like Noah23, Supa (ov SortaHuman), and Smokeahontas (ov Dark Sister) + moar all do their part to get this okkvlt zwvg jooking and chopping. INFINITE BLAM.

Aparition - Blessed In Drag Volume 3

Aparition is str8 slanging these Blessed in Drag mixxxes. They are syrupy azz fvck too. B x 2.

Da Lench Mob - Lord Have Mercy (DJ SCREW)

Classic DJ Screw (off 1994’s Lil Rob Personal tape) for lost ones nomsaying? So for anyone and everyone who has lost someone close to them this BLAM is for you and yours. INFINITE BLAM.

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Thee wettest. I can’t get enough ov this Party Trash junt. Whole album absolutely soaked. Plz, if you haven’t already, go get his latest album, 3 N THE MORNIN. INFINITE BLAM.

Nattymari - IIIy IIIeIIIe

Dafydd McKaharay aka Nattymari is what Robert Earl Davis Jr aka DJ Screw would have been if born in and alternate universe. Still warping music but on thee other end ov the sonic spectrum. Bizarro Screw. WMK4LIFE. SUC4LIFE. INFINITE BLAM.

Pop Culture Shaman - binaaa’n

This zaggin has ova 400 videos of these future primitive audiovisual assaultz. Pop Culture Shaman is so primal. Pure Blambodian. INFINITE BLAM.

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