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The Knife - Poetry By Night (FiNiGhT Remix)

FiNiGhT went a likkle out in left field digging this tune out and remixing it. The electropop duo The Knife (who got mad clout for the Heartbeats choon) created it for the Swedish film Hannah med H. Nice one bruv. L8 night delight. Blam Blam.

The Knife - Poetry By Night (FiNiGhT Remix) by FiNiGhT

The Knife - High School Poem(spf5Ø edit)

Aural Sects is chocked fulla magick joose and fortified with occult wetness(pun). spf5Ø what’s popping slime? You made a hood witch’s public school bred, goth goon night with this slash up n drag down edit of High School Poem by The Knife. W E T. Infinite BLAM.

The Knife - Pass this on (A$$ RMX)

A $ $ R^IN forest creature on PCP’d this classic song from The Knife. Innagoodway. BLAM x 2.

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