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Wettest trillwave ever. My zaggin SpaceGhostPurrp and SPEAK! tossing around trill barz on a funkin track. That beat is so west coastin I can feel the creases in them Dickies. The smell of Krylon in the morning. 94 era terror. Trilluminati is upon thee. RVXDXR KLVN bxtch. B X 2.


BOY STN (BOY MTN) slangin pure future dope. Euch. Wet like dem bubbling works on the stove. Trap r die cyber. 2 blamz.

shisa - M83 x Waka Flocka Flame / M83.365

Alwayz blamming for Shisa. Waka Flocka + M83 though? Double + good trill waviness. Blambodian (infinite) RINSE.

popularcultureshaman - caravan caravas

Thee cyborg soul brother broadcasting from another world in the multiverse quality of Pop Culture Shaman's music is pure primal and so very Blambodian. Infinite Blam.



MFK - Trillwave Break

And now, while Blambodia prepares for night ops, here is a trillwave break brought to you by DC based audiovisual bawse, MFK. 2 BLAMZ.

Yonas Michael - A short film called Lost In Hollywood

#Itreallyis2012. Yuh large Yonas Michael. If yeen got it, then gwan get Lost In Hollywood for west coast nxt lvl waviness. INF BLAM.


ƸC†OPL∆SM ov thee Aural Sects clicka got them clashes for the masses. Them asses? INF BLAM.

N8NO FACE - Cul de sac demo

Thee homie N8NO FACE (CRIMEKILLZ) and sweatpantsmoney on thee digital punk phonk tip? NUFF SAID. Machina Muerte foo. INF BLAM.

Sole and the Skyrider Band - Bad Captain Swag feat. Lil B and Pictureplane

Y E S. Visuals for thee double+trillwavy Sole and the Skyrider Band + BASED GOD + Pictureplane collab off ov last year’s Hello Cruel World . Cyberpunk dreams becoming actualities. SWAG. SWAG. BLAM. BLAM.

Lillie Dynamite - BASEDHEAD from @MFKtrillwave on Vimeo.

Lillie Dynamite - BASEDHEAD

Oh shyt Lillie Dynamite, this is so smooth I had to pat my hair, make sure it was all in place and check my outfit, make sure I was looking clean. Large up MFKtrillwave for thee find. Off that M.I.L.F Tapes Volume 2: Sleazy Does It. A Dynamite E.P. ∞ BLAM

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker - Waffle House (feat. Rapewolf) [Prod. by The Hood Internet] from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – Waffle House (feat. Rapewolf)


latenitetip (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

This refix ov thee classic 3 6 Mafia choon by Canadian man dem Ryan Hemsworth is beasty. NUFF SAID. ∞ BLAM

theMFK - Violet Dark

Love this track. It flutters like a giant radioactive winged beetle intent on getting in the broke down car you have sat in for the past day (innagoodway).Off thee 23 track long BEATW▲VE LP from thee trillwave boss himself, theMFK. You can get yr mitts onnit for ju$t one bone. Infinite Blam.

MFK - Slumber Party

PLZ don’t sleep on my zaggin BLACK KRAY or MFK. I’m asking you kindly to peep their collabo mixtape Black Art Goons. Next time I’m a come around the corner and hop out real rude like, ex con, big homie style. Zang this track so throwed. INF BLAM.

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