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addiction sponge

addiction sponge




See, this is why Nattymari is my blood brother! He stays wavelengthin’ and has a seriously firm foundation in hip hop. Especially the hood shxt. The man has and unfvckwittable knawledge of Houston Screw, Memphis Buck, LA G funk and Bay area Mobb classics and contemporaries (as do I, don’t get it twist). I was very geeked to stumble across this on his blog. For the most part it’s all Bay riders slowed and throwed. Hyphy on lean. Ombg. Wet. Witch Made Klikka nikka! bLaM. BlAm.

$ tracklisting $
Gangsta - To the Good
San Quinn and E Klips - Shot of Patron
Kilo Curt - Hustla
Junk Culture - West Coast
J-Diggs and Rich the Factor - Keesha Cole
Bike for Three - MC Space
Too $hort - Cocktales
Jayton/Trae - Bitches Ain’t Shit Reloaded
Javelin - Vibrationz
The Jacka/D-Lo/Sleepy D - Mobbin
B.O.B. - Nothing On You

Fir Day Of Skoo


The homie Delliot made this wet, slowed and throwed edit of the Soulja Boy tune. He also URL/IRL introduced me to new artists like Jokers In Trousers (I haven’t blammed dem yet, hmmm…) and shxt. Yr 2 wet D. Someone towel this dude off. 2 BLAMZ.

I’m so wet, that a pussy get mad at me

So wet. My tho back fi di day. You see it. Based God + Nattymari. Basedworld. Soweto. 3rd world. 2 Blamz up.

Seeing Suge - Breaking (Shisa Mix)

Big up Suicide YR x 2012 fo the upload. Shisa dunked this Seeing Suge tune in so much lean it’s off on a couch somewhere trying to remember where it’s keys are but it’s friends have hidden them cos they know how it gets when it ends up this tho’ed. Euch. 2 blamz.

TryllDyll slows n throws audiovisuals bttr than na’an nudda. Fat Pimp hit him up on the super duper approved tip for this one. Now that, is zwvg. B X 2.

thoed myndez - shot callin’

Soaked through to the bone. Nattymari and Party Trash? Jut like that?! Blambodia is feeling itself today with another ∞ blam.

thoed myndez - shot callin’

Re-loading and rinsing out again on you suckas. Quit sleeping on Thoed Myndez. They coming. Party Trash and Nattymari. Kingz of dragged n zwvgged. Drip fest. Splash back. Tho up. ∞ B L A M

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (FvckSwag Remix)

Zang, FvckSwag. Y.D.T. B X 2.

Off the DJ Screw classic Crumbs 2 Bricks nomtalkinbout? Yaunderstand? Infinite BLAM.


Okay den ALPHASYSTEM. Yr slowed game proper. MGLLAGRLLA and thee whole #EVILPRETTYBOYZ are repped fully with this coagulating blood creeper of a junt. You fvck with EPB? This beasty ass slow edit? Snatch up thee ALPHASYSTEM EPB Throwed mixtape below then. Blam. Blam.

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