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Xander Harris aka Justin Sweat knows the deal. If you love giallo influenced synthesizer music like me, look no further. This track is off his latest release ‘Contamination’. It is sick. (hrhrhrhr)

Nightsatan - Karelian Starmaster (Evil Lucifer)

Nightsatan is K I L L E R.

Enslaved By Owls - Tango of the Occult

Always time for Enslaved By Owls. Coldblooded sociopath atmosphere.

Awwww yeah. ÅÜßRÊÿ is ƑΔƦ ƟuŦ .


ÅÜßRÊÿ making me reminisce for them mid 90’s gnarly sk8r/raver, cuttin’ class and tapping ass dayz wiv dis junt. Super wet Kids monologue fi di win. Two shotz fi Witch Made Klik rep ÅÜßRÊÿ , B l A m/b L a M.


Kitty Lectro bringin’ da Mewwwwwwwwwwwwwww wave!

Kitty Lectro - Mew Wave Gothic Industrial Mix Tape by Mew Wave

Portable Morla - I Wanna Be Your Dog

YES PLZ. Portable Morla did a version of Iggy Pop and the Stooges cult classic choon (with a likkle assist from the Sound Farmer). I am digging it. And that is saying a lot considering that Iggy and the Stooges are like OG’s to me. Out now through Skrot Up and Beko DSL. W-E-T.

Short Bump Series 3: Part 9 - DenDendendenDen

Negrosaki is on his own plane, tucked away in the multiverse, crafting afrofuturistic vibes for these cyberpunk times. I am picking up what he is putting down. Oh yeah brrrother. Blam. Blam.

MΔRTIN SΔUVΔGΞ - Instant Maudit

Just listen to all the dripping menace in that synth. Euch. Dirty synthetic waste all over ya face. MΔRTIN SΔUVΔGΞ likes to travel through genres like a true Blambodian (never around them) leaving whole villages splattered on everything. Blam. Blam.

Soft Metals - Psychic Driving

Hello, (hella moist) Soft Metals tune. You are looking lovely tonight. Can I have this dance? Blam. Blam.

Pictureplane | Altered Zones | Mix Series V.10 

Pictureplane + Altered Zones. Peep the tracklist.Two blamz.

X Marks the Pedwalk: “Paranoid Delusions”
Panic on the Titanic: “Major Tom”
No Minds “Twice Inside”
Unknown to the Unknown: “Assassin”
Darq E Freaker: “Rhythm and Slags”
Lil Internet: “Britney Spears Illuminati Glitch”
Tim Dolla: “Switch (Samo Sound Boy Remix)”
Kontigo: “Here I Come”
Nyx: “Letting Go”
Jhene Aiko “Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)”
Jamie Foxx: “Can I Take You Home (Lucid Bootleg)”
Rogerseventytwo: “You Take Me Higher (Brenmar Re-vision f. China)”
Ryan Trecartin: “Katy” (Pictureplane’s Push the Button Remix)

Mushy - Losing Days (Newclear Waves Full-On-Night Remix)

Feeeeeeeeeling it. Newclear Waves turned the Mushy tune into and animate blood pool. Sliding across the dance floor and fitting with ease in every single crack, pore and groove. Sinuously wet. Blam. Blam.

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