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So wet. Thee homie Matt Solley aka Supa, 1/3rd of Alabama based trill trio SortaHuman has been putting in work lately. Like this drip off his upcoming solo mixtape. Oh and that is a BLOWN beat he is swangin on. Pay attention. Infinite BLAM.

Supa ft. Joeybagadoughnuts - Waitin’

This song knockz. Cold Casey your beats are tha troof. Supa and Joeybagadoughnuts glide and float all over this splasher. Blam. Blam.

Nattymari - Shaun’s Song ft. Supa and Blam Lord)

Please believe it. It is I, Blam Lord and Sortahuman member Supa jooking over a Nattymari track for his upcoming dvd release on Clan Destine Records. What and honor to be working with artists (and friends) I really respect for simultaneously keeping it trill and spaced thee fvck out. Infinite BLAM.


Halloween and the Day of the Dead are upon us, my flav holidays backback. Best believe, I’m going to soak everybody wiv morbid and deviant vibes but hey, that’s what I do. BLOWN got some of my favorite underground headz together for this HALLOWEEN 2011 mixtape and even I had to get in on this junt. Download thee whole ting by clicking on my OG-FLAME-DL-GIF or separate tracks at the BLOWN bandcamp. Infinte BLAM.


Noah 23 - GOAT

Himself the Majestic - Michael Myers

Blam Lord - Cecil Blam Demented

Supa - I Love Halloween

Stash Marina - Candy Bars

Don D - Thriller

Smokeahontas - October 31st

Left Leberra - This Is More Than A Crush

Blown H0ll∆ \_e​@​/​\​/ 2011 Chopped and Screwed Mixtape

BLOWN is them zaggin. E’rybody and they mama should have this Chopped and Screwed mix and thee original BLOWN HALLOWEEN junt. Bleeding edgers like Noah23, Supa (ov SortaHuman), and Smokeahontas (ov Dark Sister) + moar all do their part to get this okkvlt zwvg jooking and chopping. INFINITE BLAM.

Skunk∆peRoy - Smoking Blunts (Coming Up With Evil Shit) ft. Supa

Thee homie, Skunk∆pe gang bawse Roy got thee other homie Supa (ov SortaHuman) to spit some evil poison all over this wet azz beat. Infinite BLAM.

Supa - I Love Halloween

Thee homie Supa (Sortahuman) showing love to thee greatest day ov the year onna BLOWN beast ov a beat. This concludes our BLAMcast for today. Infinite BLAM.

Dizzy D - Sacks & Fifths ft Supa and Yung Tatt

Wet. ‘Bama boyz Dizzy D, Young Tatt and Supa (SortaHuman) praising them substances that keep a zaggin lean’t. Off Dizzy D’s (name yr price) album ELEVATION. B x 2.


LIL UGLY MANE AND SUPA (ov SortaHuman) trading bars? Count a zaggin in. INF BLAM.

So wet. Supa jut dropped his sole debut fulla beasty bars and mega slaps. Joeybagadoughnuts and Dizzy D (who made this beat), thee rest ov Sortahuman join him for this weirdo anthem. Big up all my leftfielders and underground riders. Now dive into them Blambodian flames and get this 14 track attack. INF BLAM.

SUPA feat. NOAH 23 - MELLOW (chopped and screwed)

INTENSIFIED. I mean, MELLOW. Thee homies SUPA (ov SortaHuman) and NOAH 23 get that extra purple PARTY TRASH treatment. The original junt is off SUPA’S debut solo Weird is The New Cool. INFINITE BLAM.


So wet. Off his debut solo, WEIRD IS THE NEW COOL comes SUPA (ov Bama trio SortaHuman) on this junt with I self, BLAM LORD praising thee son ov NATTYMARI, who made thee original beat. BLOWN dragged n dripped it. Matter of fact, they thoed thee whole album. Possess it below. ∞ BLAM.


Wet. It’s LIL UGLY MANE and my zaggin SUPA (ov SortaHuman) on some burn something serious shyt. Already blammed this junt b4 but now that this EP CRIMINAL HYPNOSIS​:​UNRELEASED SHIT is out, here it is again. INF BLAM.

Dizzy D - Da Hangover ft Supa

Moar off The Huntsvillian. This time Dizzy D swooped up fellow Huntsvillian Supa and they got thoed off wit extra wet lyrics. YR PUKING ON EM MY STONER GANG ZAGZ! (I felt it appropriate to GIF em out) DL THE HUNTSVILLIAN. INF BLAM.

Candy Painted - Crashland

With these joosy ass bangz, that LOST PLANET soundbyte and those kaleidoscopic visualz I’m triple pleased by this. I could give it 3 blams. If yeen got it, then you should give up 3 bones for the full length, self titled debut ov Candy Painted (Thee trapical alias ov Party Trash). INF BLAM.

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