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lost planet - crash landed

#SOAKED. A trifetca of trillwave tsunami. LOSTPLANET (Party Trash + Sortahuman) are my str8 up zaggin and so is my otha bruva from anuva Pop Culture Shaman, who made this zwvgged out purple VHS viddy for the full on audiovisual annihilation. Peep game, if you combine liquid swords, dark vibes and deep space synth on the cult flick level status, you crash land on Blambodian soil e’rytime. ∞ blamz

OS OVNI : Mindship

Wet. Os Ovni put visuals to their spacey synth junt. Get yr feline on and slink around thee house in animal print zentai suits. No? Okay. Well then just lean back and enjoy the breeze and mist coming off this jam. Blam. Blam.

Noah23 & Krem- Darkside of the Moon feat. Sole

Noah23, Krem and Sole tossing verbal projectiles at living dartboards out in deep space. No oxygen, pure gas. 2 blamz.

Tash Willmore Jupiter Mixtape

I love me some spacey synth filled adventures. Tash Willmore set up a good one with this mix. Blam. Blam.

1. Daterape - Arctic Gesture
2. Brassica - Lydden Circuit
3. A place -(Poor Sprits rmx)
4. 80’s Stalone - Driven
5. Ana Lola Roman - Klutch (Com Truise Remix)
6. The Pressent Moment - Times Like This
7. MaX BETA - I WANT TO 8. jbwest - Southern Safari
9. TPWLYST theplanetswontletyousleeptonight - D3STROY B3AUTIFUL THINGS
10.Keep shelly in athens - Our own dream
12.Vaginavangi - Servants Of Death
13.Special Darkness - Owner
14.Oksana Xiu - Not for us
15.TriangleInfinityTriangle - WITCH ON FIRE
16.Earth - Seven Angels
17.Justin Bieber - 800% Slower

Nattymari ( the aGitator ) - inspiration .

OG fam, Nattymari’s latest project the aGitator is all about high tension, pressurized atmosphere. Like listening to dub on mescaline in a compound ov heavily armed nihilistic cult members. Shit isn’t safe or contained by rules ov any sort. Pure Blambodian. Infinite BLAM.

VK & SciFi - Awake
Tara Cross - Hotel Midnite
Brian Aspro - Soft Appearances
JP Decerf & M. Saclays - En V
Rimarimba - Glass Abattoir-End
Egisto Macchi - Voix
Guernica - Doryoko No Hime
Electrobeat no 13
Years on Earth - Lost Letters
Missing Persons (UK) - Electrical Storm
96 Eyes - Crosstalk
Elisa Waut - Russia
M. Zalla - Attvita
Shabazz Palaces - Recollections of the Wraith
Guido and Maurizo d’Angelis - Flying Into Love

hawking leary - star child video

Los Angeles based hawking leary brings the synthesizers, you bring thee D.M.T. Bx2.


Oh shyt, BL/\CK CEILING busted out that OG euro robo footage for this witch in space junt. Columbus, Ohio’s very own Randy Savage (RIP brother) on thee intro. NUFF SAID. INF BLAM

brrzbrdz - `8`

All praises due to thee goddess Breeze Burdz. She put together and uploaded her very first set and it reflects her PMA wave persona. No blends fool. You gotta slow down, relax and vibe to this. INFINITE BLAM.

Ru Paul – Intro-Stinky Dinky
HEEMS-Bangles f/ Fat Tony, Big Baby Gandhi
Big Baby Gandhi-Stack City (prod. Gandhi)
Intro-Ru paul-Stinky Dinky
Elite Gymnastics-So Close to Paradise 3 (Physical Therapy Remix)
Jacob 2-2 – Cuckle Buckle Houses
Junior Boys-Bellona
MARK CURSED-Right Here [Human Nature Remix-VOID CALM EDIT]
Lakutis -Ja Rule [prod. by Alfred Jenkins]

ssshheee - Moon Mix

Yus. ssshheee dropped a quick mix ov Moon worship and off planet club junts. And electronic odyssey, if you will. INF BLAM.

00:57 : IZE_1_HOUSE_TRIX_Give_It_Up
01:02 : Numarx - Drop Down To Your Knees (AshSheKnee Mix)
01:07 : Dehousy - Feel U
01:09 : Deebs - You (In My World)
01:11 : Mister Tweeks - Addiction (Original Mix)
01:18 : Stickerbrush Symphony (aran remix)
01:23 : Moonstarr - C-Minus Particles - Original Mix
01:28 : ぼくのせいじゃない (そうだ全部Twitterが悪いんだMix) - Mav
01:32 : zxz - celestial travels
01:35 : Gracie - Tryck R Treat (Giraffage Remix)
01:37 : RAJA - Age
01:40 : Bondax - All Inside
01:42 : miii - Your sentimental

Astraelle - Herstory of Love

Houston gal dem Astraelle unlocked her future primitive powers all ova this junt. Out now on her 3 track EP S P A C E • L A C E. INF BLAM.

Khalil Nova - Close ft. Ritchess

Khalil Nova preps for his nxt, nxt lvl assault, The Art Of Transcendence. Sounds like it’s gonna kill. Inf Blam.

Strange Powers - Surfing The Zuvuya

Strange Powers put visuals to this choon off his already cvlt classick Genetisis EP. Available now through Tundra Dubs. Nuff said. ∞ BLAM

OS OVNI - A Lil in the Moon

OS OVNI got a deep space trippy video from Stephen Hal Fishman for this song off their Robot Elephant 12”. Watch in full screen 1080p mode and feel your pleasure sensors explode. ∞ BLAM.


Turn up this Zone Θv Nothing choon and relax. You can’t fight thee future. It has seamlessly arrived. ∞ BLAM

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