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Sorrow - Nostalgia

Birmingham, UK garage futurist Sorrow just released his EP Summer of Love. It is goooooooood. And if you grab it he has thrown in 6 more choonz from his archives so it’s basically grabbing and LP for ₤ 5.00. ($8 and some change for us Yanks but hey)

Sorrow & Mirror State - Easy To Leave

Sorrow & Mirror State on the mega chill but still stepping hard vibe. Zoning out to it. Quality choon bredren. 2 blamz.

Sorrow - Nostalgia

Sorrow knows how to roll out pure Garage riddims. This track coming off his brand new Summer of Love EP . Future, nostalgic, it’s all there. Absolutely filled to the brim with atmosphere. Blambodian rinse ooooooooout. Blam. Blam.

Stumbleine - Ember ( Sorrow Remix )

Sorrow knocked this Stumbleine track out. It’s gone. Faggedaboutit. And this viddy is just hazy icing on that vague (yet fond) memory cake. 2 blamz.

Sorrow feat. La Meduza - Shadow Play

Birmingham man dem Sorrow sliding out a free DL of perfectly future garage vibes. I’m so glad this sound could never fall into the sticky hands of Brosteppers. It’s just waaay to chill and funky for that crowd (as it always has been throughout all the transmutations). Bless everyone doing Garage for Garage’s sake and evolution. It still gives me the same chills it did way back when. That soul and those skips. BLAM. BLAM.

Sorrow - Recluse

Sorrow is incred. The textures in his tunes are Soweto. 2 blamz.

Sorrow - Monochrome Dream

This new Sorrow choon is heeeeeavy blaad. Garridge nah dead. Blam Twice.

Sorrow & Owsey - Approaching Farewell

New joose from the phresh and futuristic garridge collaborators Sorrow and Owsey. Feel the buzz vibrating yr face. B x 2

Hiatus & Shura - Fortune’s Fool (Sorrow Remix)

So so wet. Sorrow. We gotta talk. You can’t be killing the sound like this. This is easily one ov thee most beautiful refixes I have heard in along time. The original tune from Hiatus and Shura is murderation already so to add 2 that… INFINITE BLAM.

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