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Satanicpornocultshop - Tattun

More cyber juke vibes from Japan based Satanicpornocultshop?? SAY NO MORE. +/-BLAM. BLAM.

TYWS 4 hosting Beyonce’s 1+1. So wet. Pure drip. Infinite Blam.

6V6 - Face A La Prophétie

I lied. Deal. 6V6 is my shizzz. WITCH NOT DEAD. Blam. Blam.

Sorrow - Recluse

Sorrow is incred. The textures in his tunes are Soweto. 2 blamz.

(o)†hers - Gɪʀʀᴌѕ סּи F±ᴌm

Heavy drag. Funeral wave. Girls on snuff film. (o)†hers is thee shiz. 2 blamz

WESTERN TINK - LETTING GO (Produced by Beautiful Lou)

Beautiful Lou and Western Tink are really mobbin no sobbin. Feeling this. Blam. Blam.


Monsoon wet. If you are into footwork, like actually got bangs, I don’t see how this track won’t end up in your arsenal to kill the circle. All double negative like FYL. Lil Jabba is a beast. Blam x 2

6V6 - Pureté Polaire

Wet like them Parisian streets. I have said this before but I really just wanna ride around Paris with 6V6 and bump them okkvlt bangz, Blam. Blam.


This mixxx is ricockulously soaked. NYC party bawses TOP8 dun play when it comes to splashing post genre now age CLVB joose e’rywhere. BLAM. BLAM.



SPEAK! - The Rose Parade

SPEAK! shit’s on the hype blog perception of what a dope rapper is. Download Inside Out Boy and hear what the art goon has on his mind. 2 big BLAMS.

Mavado Ft. Akon - Survivor

Ghetto yout survive by any means necessary. Say what ya want about Mavado and the industry moves he has been making lately (no comment) but you can’t put yourself in his shoes. I congratulate man dem for making it to where he is now. Gully side fi life. INF-BLAM.


Thee PARTY TRASH remix album is out and I’m just salty I’m not deep in Blambodia cos I would BLAM this whole release. When I do return I prolly will be rinsing out for quite a few of these junts like this DRUGS FOR DRUNKS edit. GO GET THIS NOT NOW BUT RIGHT NOW. INF BLAM.

M∆DD3N - Crested

M∆DD3N jut dropped his M4DDN3SS EP on Aural Sects. I love thee tribal flair on this junt right chea. All this synth and future primitiveness keeps a Blambodian infinitely pleased. DL it below. INF BLAM.

Bonjour Tristesse - Partner in Crime

Wet. Göteborg, Sweden based Bonjour Tristesse got a fan in Blambodia for this tune. Off French label LA FORME LENTE's 1st compilation ov synth vibes, and EP called Circuit d’Actes. DEUX BLAMZ.

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