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7h3e yMpyRFKKKchUNyztz - zyNTHerIUM

7h3e yMpyRFKKKchUNyztz (Thee Imperfectionists) is the master mind meeting between Sifaka and Nattymari. Sifaka is the chop king and Nattymari specializes in dragging and mutilating audiovisualz. That’s two of my favorite monster music makers sharing creation/destruction duties. Which means scarier beasts can be made in their shared laboratory sessions (all carried out via these internetz of course). And why do I sound like a baby, talking all this scary monster biz? Cos I regress every time I listen to either of these headz. Primal urges officially overheated. Combined though? Meltdown. Baby wants ba ba. (Bb instantly wanted to blam blam.)

Nattymari - Propmeister (sifaka defenestration)

Any time these 2 work together it’s like nanobots have planted microscopic explosive devices all over my brain. Systematic shutdown. Nattymari, the lord of turning tings slow and Sifaka, the emperor of the chopping technique. Combo! Fatality. ∞ BL▲M

துஈசிதிசி - dainty lips ft. Mozart

Beasty. துஈசிதிசி shooting his regular. chop on that nxt lvl. INF BLAM.

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