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Shisa does it right. This is some stranded in a desert on a two sun planet spaced out bliss drone.

Shisa - scruphazin by ODDOT

Shisa: Facebook

Wayne Water - F // Shisa - Yesterdaze

Two for one! Wayne Water’s zonked out and scummy synth drone track "F" back to back with the homie Shisa’s choppy wave hi hat junt "Yesterdaze". Nah brah, scratch that, it’s a three for one. Oh shiz! Popular Culture Shaman is making split videos?? Split videos?? The future is now.

Wayne Water »»» Bandcamp Shisa »»» Bandcamp

Shisa’s album Memory is out May 29th on Amdiscs and Wayne Water’s album The Vulture is out now and available by naming yr price right »»» here

SHISA - Teenaage Dreeam (Katy Perry Remix)

Fvck I love drag. I love discombobulated vhs quality video edits to mutilated pop songs. It’s so seamlessly “DIY not EMI”, cyberpunk and nxt lvl I am just happy to pass these tingz around. I feel like I’m living in the Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, and Neal Stephenson books I read in my younger daze. Seamless I tell you. Bring it on. There will be no seismic event, we will just obliterate ourselves in technology. Fvck yeah.

The homie Shisa made this and it is available for free dl »»» H E R E

H∆ndz up th31r pl4y1n6 my s0n666!

Yup, it’s time for a lil celebrating on 2 B’z. The homie Shisa releases his LP (memory) on AMDISCS : Futures Reserve Label tomorrow and you best believe I’ll be grabbing it up. Congratz breh. H∆M Squad 5w∆666in’ h∆rd. Witch Made Klikk klack blam blam.

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Shisa - (memory)

Grab this, crack it open and inhale. (memory) is a 14 track album Shisa has put out with the help of the AMDISCS : Futures Reserve Label. Highly Blam Blam Fever recommended. Shisa makes wavey, ambient witchy shxt to make your brain vibrate and yr ‘this is the jam’ grin to activate. (memory) is another sign summer is upon us. So many signz!

Shisa ~ Tumblr ~ Soundcloud ~ Facebook

Shisa’s exxtra wet choon Crossing Bridges in Your Car Looking at the Sky got a hella phresh video treatment from William Sarradet. And now it’s a 360 degree beachy keen summer solstice junt. Off Shisa’s debut LP (memory) out now on Amdiscs. 937 17.

And add Shisa on Facebook. Do it.

The bro bro Delliot whipped up a nice and hazy smmr phun viddy for this tune from Shisa (the other bro bro). Put yr googles on. Safety first. 2 blamz.

And if you haven’t, go get Shis’a LP (memory). It’s still available on the name yr price tip.

Seeing Suge - Breaking (Shisa Mix)

Big up Suicide YR x 2012 fo the upload. Shisa dunked this Seeing Suge tune in so much lean it’s off on a couch somewhere trying to remember where it’s keys are but it’s friends have hidden them cos they know how it gets when it ends up this tho’ed. Euch. 2 blamz.

Shisa wiv a House mixxx for Dior Nights? Soak in it. Nah, bttr yet, deep dive innit. 2 blamz

shisa - M83 x Waka Flocka Flame / M83.365

Alwayz blamming for Shisa. Waka Flocka + M83 though? Double + good trill waviness. Blambodian (infinite) RINSE.

Oh yes. This mix is so wet. Shisa? Kitty Pryde? ASAP Rocky and V Nasty longside Gucci, 3-6 and Salem?? Doobie Killa, #YDT. Blam. Blam

Yesterdaze - Shisa
Young As Fuck Pt. II - Green Ova Undergrounds
Quick Fast V-Nasty Verse
Im from Grove St - Waka Flocka
4Loko - Smoke DZA f/ ASAP Rocky
For Spencer - Meszahline
U.G.K. - Main Attrakionz f/ ASAP Rocky
Mouth Full Of Gold - Gucci Mane
he2 - Kitty Pryde
Rainbow Colors - Three 6 Mafia f/ Lil Flip
Asia - Salem f/ ZacharyWaltman

Shisa - 154

New sounds from Pittsburgh based Shisa for the Sleep When I’m Dead compilation. Post punk meets #seapunk inna goth dark alley and they have a knife fight + dance off. 2 bLaMz

Merzbow vs Smoke DZA & ASAP Rocky - 4 Loko (Shisa Mix)

Soaked. Trill noise. Shisa is on to something. Or on something. Or both. Blam. Blam.

Shisa - Vietnam Hustlin’ (Crystal Castles x Rick Ross)

This soundz raw. Shisa cyberpunk jookin through Blambodia with this primal trillwave soundclash. This prolly won’t be up forever so DL it now. Blam. Blam.

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