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Botany Boyz - Forever Botany

For my breh Nattymari.

Frayser Boy ft. Mike Jones & Paul Wall - I Got That Drank

We miss you Screw

50 plays

“Coming down I gotta potent azz purple Sprite! M A N N!" - Big Moe (RIPower homie)

I’m too real.

The 1st

Swangas and Vogues
Swangas and Vogues

TYNattymari for a slowed stroll down memory lane. I know you basically did this jut for yrself but trill recognize trill. This right here is nuff reason for me to rinse out for ya phamilee. 2 Blamz.

Van Solo - June 27th Remix (Dj Screw Tribute)

Houston, Texas based and repping Van Solo gives it up for one if not the OG of Houston, the late, great DJ Screw (RIP). Over that infamous June 27th beat. SUC4LIFE mang. Infinite BLAM.

Xtra blam outs to Party Trash for thee find.

Dat Boi T & Felo - Swang N Bang

Good lookin out Dat Boi T and Felony for keeping this classic junt alive. RIPSCREW. SUC4LIFE. Infinite BLAM

G Man - i Smoke A Lot Of Bud - Skrewed & Chopped

Purple Tape Recordz bawse Moulah Mike thoed thee shyt out this junt from lil Houston zaggin G Man. RIP SCREW. INF BLAM.

Astraelle - Herstory of Love

Houston gal dem Astraelle unlocked her future primitive powers all ova this junt. Out now on her 3 track EP S P A C E • L A C E. INF BLAM.

Binary Fate - Future Dreams ft Astraelle

Already. Both Houston based, this Binary Fate and Astraelle collab just needed to happen. INF BLAM.

$INE$ - Keep On Repeat-Sines Sip Slow 2

Houston’s own son, SINES back with Sip Slow 2. Turn this mixxx up and tip slow knomsayin? RIP SCREW. ∞ BLAM.

Bei Major ft. J.Cole-Trouble(Meati Bootleg)
Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze-43 Hours In (ft. ST 2 Lettaz) (prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
Clams Casino-Drowning
Marina And The Diamonds-Primadonna (Evian Christ Remix)
MΔRRI$-A New Day
K.P. & Envyi-Swing My Way (Balam Acab Remix)
Bauuer-My Head
Boys II Men-Can You Stand the Rain (Jaws da Jormungand Fatigues Bootleg)
Sleepyhead-Rainbow Thorns
Pipes-Sleeping (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Abel-Girls (Baauer Remix)
ill Cosby-Gray Tapes
Corcovado-Heal Me
XXYYXX-Witching Hour
Lao + Jack’ ie Lo-Bitch Riperton (Arae-###-###-####
Shelby Woo-Di∑ L∑tzt∑ Ån†wør†

AES - “Burning Bush” Feat Realli B Screwed x Dusted [Prod by AES]

Drenched. Young Houston is carrying thee torch. AES and Realli B are trill defined, no flake material. ∞ BLAM.

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