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Nattyymari is a screw/dr4g witchy monster. W1tch M4d3 Klikk4 my n1kk4!

I sipped some lean, cranked up that SpaceghostþµЯþ and saw the elusive white lesbian Based Godess. S\/\/49 S\/\/49

Nattymari is so slept on.

His direction is never predictable and his attack is never formulaic. The only constant in his work is it’s ability to transform on you. The music is dragged to oblivion and returned with ungodly passengers and parasites hitching a ride. Scary shit right?
This here is off his upcoming mix TEN TOES DOWN dedicated to the old school, beautiful and dangerous Memphis rap scene. That Buck. I’m really excited for it to arrive because he is being extra thorough creating it. Memphis music is far more obscure and rare than most are used to and Natty has his finger on it’s pulse. He has the fvcking monster manual of Buck music. The grimoire. It is going to be disgustingly good I can feel it already.
So light some candles, turn off the lights, turn this junt up to the max and gangsta walk all over that pentacle my witches. Sacrifice yourself! ZWVG.

Awwwwww damn the Nattymari magick is upon us.

107OE5DOWN : MURDERED IN MEMPHIS mixtape out soon!

Now I’m feeling so fly 6 6 6

Myrrh Ka Ba has just made this available for download. I suggest you do that. This track KILLZ. (Favorite part is the witchy bass Metallica intro and when the ‘One’ vocals come in. Fvck. Blam Blam!

M¥rrĦ Ka Ba - G666 by M¥rrĦ Ka Ba

BAM - A Rough Niggas Bible (Screwed & Chopped by Pollie Pop)

Pollie Pop you did thaaaat. Bam’s A Rough Z’aggin Bible dropped when I was going thru some thangz and I will alwayz bang that SPC. 2 blamz.

Ha Haaaaaa. I am literally LOL’ing at how beasty my wicca Nattymari is when it comes to blurring and slurring tings. Wha gwan my zaggin? I know yr enjoying plenty of Screw on his born date. Like today is different than any day. Pssssssssh. Witch Made foo. ∞ BL▲M.

Mack 10 - Street Shit
3s Company - Shy Chick
Ampuchino - Stunt My Ass Off
Cassidy - Mic Fiend
Kurupt - Can U Feel It
8 Ball & MJG f/ Too $hort - Cigarette
Texas Dream Team - Top Shelf
Fat Pimp - Number 1
Chop da Hookman f/ Jacka - Mama’s Advice

Nattymari - Day 54

On some DamnSON,where’dyafindTHAT? type shit. Witch Made Klikk triple OG Nattymari shows the YG’s and lil homies how it’s done. Blambodians ride to real rare S.L.A.B witchy drag slapz like this.

Lemme keep it 100 with you… I wouldn’t even fvck wiv witchhouse if this z’aggin didn’t get me looking over at it like, hold up, there are some real artists swangin hard over thurr. I’m glad I did cos I have made some true homies out of it. No matter what, I will always be reppin that WMK and thee phamilee Nattymari.∞ BL▲M


Party Trash and Nattymari - THOEDMYNDEZ

Yeeee’n know?? Party Trash and Nattymari are about to team up and keep slanging out thee wettest, dragged and dripped junts like this one under the name, duh, Thoed Myndez. So geeked for this okkvlt classick killabo. Oh and do not forget the Sortahuman/Dark Sister/Party Trash action LOSTPLANET coming soon 2 a speaker near you. (If you got Blambodian in you) Clan Destine bredren. 2 blamz.


And it don’t stop. Party Trash mek tha shit that makes the speakers quake across Blambodia. In slo mo. 2 blamz.

thoed myndez - shot callin’

Re-loading and rinsing out again on you suckas. Quit sleeping on Thoed Myndez. They coming. Party Trash and Nattymari. Kingz of dragged n zwvgged. Drip fest. Splash back. Tho up. ∞ B L A M

Dat Boi T - Nobody Gave Me Shit (S&C Music Video)


Dat Boi T (The Screwed Up Essay) is my shxt a’ready my zaggin. Lil Sprite on tha C&S though? 2 wet. I’m drenched. Blambodia’s dripping. Hustle hard blood. Blam. Blam.

INF reasonz to basically BLAM every junt on this Aural Sects release. Nattymari is a IRL friend and so much moar. I got a track (or a hunnid) for you too mane. #WMK4LIFE INF BLAM.

TrillChef - MemphisMixxx666

TrillChef from thee NYC based FiWAR camp thoed a set ov them Hypnotized Minds. Jook slow. ∞ BLAM.

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