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Euch. Leaking on e’rythang noeyemtalkinbout? Party Trash and Nattymari (As THOED MYNDEZ duh zwvg duh) at it again. My favorites when it comes to 2011 slowed and thoed nxt lvl music. Real talk. Yeah, you do have some beasty zaggin getting it in on the S.L.A.B’d up tip doing edits of contemporary shxt and even thee more swag/based artists out there. And you do have a few witch house bredren that can drag n zwvg something thee fvck out but this rite here? Psssh. From thee acid + lean rinsed, subliminal message swangin viddy to that cold azz dead crawl beat and dem ghostly vox, this is a new beast with the lineage of a legendary monster. Push it FWD bredren and wheel it back. SUC4LIFE. Infinite B L V M.


*Blammer re-load and rinse out* Up thee views on this phamilee. This is trill slowed shxt rite here. That is SUC footage on DMT. Nattymari and Party Trash are absolute animals and 100% pure blood Blambodians. Pushing music in new directions yet still remembering thee primal (ghetto) roots. Infinitus Blamitos.

Juvenile - U Understand (C&S)

Crumbs 2 Bricks was that mixtape. This was my fav off it. A Juvy da Great classic screwed? So wet. Screw 4 Life. Infinite BLAM.

Nattymari - Overstanding

Find. Shooting my regular (Blam Lord!) and digging deep for rare, obtuse and wavy gemz I done uncovered some more precious stones. Another wet set of slurred and blurred vibes from the archives of the Witch Made Klikk triple OG Nattymari. Enjoy. Infinite BLAM.

Yo Gotti - Touchdown
Lil Ru - We Can Do It If You Wanna
AMG - Tippy Toes
Jay Stalin/Messy Marv - H.N.I.C.
H20 - Need Some Sleep
Birdman/Lil Wayne - Work
Peeto The Plug - Turn It Down
A-Stylez - Precious

Screwed UP Click - 1 Night 4 SCREW (Chopped & Screwed - DillA 2011 Blend)

European Screwheads label boss, DillA putting it down for their mixtape Swang To Tha East (DL it below). Wet. Pop them foreign trunks my Euro zaggin. SUC4LIFE. 2 blamz

Rollin down the street, on them swangas, jamming on that Screw.

Off the DJ Screw classic Crumbs 2 Bricks nomtalkinbout? Yaunderstand? Infinite BLAM.

FANG - Palia Durpam Pusha (DillA Mix)

Go get this mixtape (off Datpiff) yaheard? European Screwheads are showing you that Robert Earl Davis lives on forever and all across the world people like to swang down slow. And it’s almost all European rap C&S’d on this mix like this. Primal euro S.L.A.B. Infinite Blam.

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Love thee oil slick qualities (#DINOBLOOD) of this viddy that Party Trash made for the new THOED MYNDEZ junt. I had to correct this blam cos I can’t even tell when they trade places and stuff. Him and Nattymari go together sonically like 84’s and Vogues. I feel super blessed to count bredren as phamilee. THOED MYNDZ + WMK4LIFE. Infinite BLAM

Nattymari - Shaun’s Song ft. Supa and Blam Lord)

Please believe it. It is I, Blam Lord and Sortahuman member Supa jooking over a Nattymari track for his upcoming dvd release on Clan Destine Records. What and honor to be working with artists (and friends) I really respect for simultaneously keeping it trill and spaced thee fvck out. Infinite BLAM.

Devin The Dude - You So Real (Chopped & Screwed)

Not bad at all Soul Division. Chopped and screwed music is worldwide in 2011. That’s apparent. Even in Norway. Plus, Devin alwayz sounds wet slurred and blurred. RIPScrew/SUC4LIFE. Blam. Blam.

Young L - Water Ride (chopped and screwed)

#SPLASH, Party Trash dripping slow sauce all over the top deck of Blambodian Battle Fortress with anuva choice Young L edit. Infinite BLAM.

Lil’ Wayne - With You Feat. Drake (Screwed By Brodinski)

I can keep it 100 with ya and tell you I don’t follow the careers of Lil Wayne or Drake. For personal reasons I don’t care to even break the surface on. I do however bang hella S.L.A.B junts and Brodinski hooked this bitch up (or is it dowwwwwwwwwwn?) And who woulda thunk, Drake’s delivery, the way he drags out the ends of his bars would sound so wet dragged out even more? B x 2.

Yelawolf- Pop Tha Trunk (slowed & chopped)

Me and my blood bro were slapping this Yelawolf tune when it came out. East Coast Screw gang boss DJ Charlez thoed it jusssst right nomtalkingbout? Oh but don’t forget, that’s a viddy from the homie DiLLa hailing all the way from Poland (Up the European Screwheads and Mtec) BLAM. BLAM.

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