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The whole slappin' enchilada. Didn't have to wait long for it now did ya?? Sortahuman and Main Attraktionz go in on a Spaceghostpurpp production. 360 Z\/\/VG.

LOSTPLANET - Smokin’ All The Time

Stoner! I dunno who you fvck wiv trill heavy and frankly, IDGAF. It doesn’t matter to me. What I do here in Blambodia is bust off a couple shots for artists I respect to thee fullest. I don’t participate in hating on someone if I dislike their style I just keep it moving ya feel me? LOSTPLANET is the ‘Bama rap trio SortaHuman jooking all over witchy junts from Tennessee based Party Trash . DarkSister is also in on thee LOSTPLANET project and so is yours truly. That right there is a serious collabo, I call that a KILLabo. Infinite BLAM.

Denzel Aquarius’Killa CuRRy - PLANET SHROOMS

Awwwready. Denzel Aquarius’Killa CuRRy , Yung Simmie and thee homie Supa ov Sortahuman went off on this junt. Off thee King Of The Mischievous South Vol 1 Underground Tape 1996. STONERGANG. RVIDXRKLVN. INF BLAM.

SORTAHUMAN & PARTY TRASH - U Mean Everything 2 Me

SortaHuman and Party Trash drop Candy Painted on Oct. 8th via AMDISCS. It feels real good to see my team making moves. ∞ BLAM.

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