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Blambodians march wit me!

Zed’s Dead - Undah Yuh Skirt feat. Mavado

New from T Dot’s Zed’s Dead with man dem Mavado onnit (And it’s a B side!). Mi nuh care fi the dubstep touches to be honest but the Ragga and Drum n Bass (rollers!) drown out that displeasure. BLAM. BLAM.

M.E.S.H. - On My Body (Craxxxmurf 50g Protein Mix)

E’rybody still sleeping on Craxxxmurf. Well, not Berlin based M.E.S.H. And meanwhile, in Blambodia we be BANGING these slappers. INFINITE BLAM.

I██▓███▓▒░░◬░░▒▓███▓██I - Nocturne

Sweden resident 4BIDDEN coming through with this absolutely dark bass heavy creeper. Post everyting, pure brute. INF BLAM.

Zebra Katz x Boyfriend - Winter Titty (Lenkemz Remix)

UK man dem Lenkemz got insane slaps. Thee Zebra Katz x Boyfriend EP Winter Titty is out soon on Senseless Records with a kllr set ov remixes like this junt. ∞ BLAM

Konga-Konga - Ichstoystega Dance Party Feat. Mr.Licious

Wet. Primal ass bass jut like I likes it. Big up Konga-Konga. BLAM X 2.

DjSliink - Thuggish Ruggish Bone Thug (Demo)

You know I love you Cleveland and I’m seeing you real soon like. Demo he says. I hope mufuckas out there are listening to what the Brick City’s Dj Sliink did to the infamous BNTH junt. INF BLAM.

BE∆CHES - Im so this way

Wiv nuff Club flavor to get any ass moving thee lvls ov fuckery in this BE∆CHES junt are gonzo. ∞ BLAM

Treekeeper - we_drippy_mane.jpg

Outs to Treekeeper for this lil slapper. And large up thee whole BØHEMI▲N HYPE C▼LT for having a most trillwavy azz name. Inf Blam.


Toulouse, France based MIL3¥ $3RI•VS threw down this likkle beasty mix for Russian style zine KOSSMOS. X amount ov club bangs. Inf Blam.

Chump Change - Defect

NOLA bwoy Chump Change has thee sub laid out so nice on this junt you can lay onnit. You can lay between it. You can throw a sleepover in it’s warmth. Inf Blam.




SILΔSISDE▲D got my zaggin riding through thee dark ov this triple canopy Blambodian jungle real smooth like.. ∞ BLAM


Lunar Garbage (odd tracks) and Coltronix (even tracks) teamed up and swung thru on a savage vine with a no genre is safe 2K12 in thee flesh mixxx. Nuff said. ∞ BLAM.

Blvck Lite - Wvxtxng (Waiting)

So wet on so many lvls. Them old time bad breaks. That tasteful club. Even JLo ass (Mmm, JLo ass). Blvck Lite, you did daaaat.∞ BLAM

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