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From the cradle to the grave. Life ain’t never been easy. Living in the ghetto.

The 1st




You don’t have this? Yr swag is not looking rite. Matter of fact you looking unfamiliar Grandpa. 2 dumb huge BLAMZ 4 SGP. RVIDXR KLVN.

This is humedo. Dat Boi T aka the Screwed Up Essay is dripping. DJ Mexican Screwed is soaked. And the MEX DJS are flooding the block with purple colored swangers keeping Screwston alive. RIPOwer Screw. Orale vatos! 2 blamz.

*Big up Tryll Dyll fi dis find.

H.A.W.K - Haters Luv It (When You’re Down)


*Blammer re-load and rinse out* Up thee views on this phamilee. This is trill slowed shxt rite here. That is SUC footage on DMT. Nattymari and Party Trash are absolute animals and 100% pure blood Blambodians. Pushing music in new directions yet still remembering thee primal (ghetto) roots. Infinitus Blamitos.

Another slowed micro genre?? Yes. Paris, France based Boston Bun has thee Blambodian ear. Loving this mix sumting incred right now. Just look at who all contributed slowed edits of some classic House junts. And with new Lean House edits coming out every week here, expect to see more from man dem. House music all night long. (Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? *Slowed voice*) Blam. Blam.

Kikumoto Allstars – Warehouse Days (LOL Boys Lean House Edit)
Dj Hell – Wonderland (Purpp Cobain Lean House Edit)
Hot Natured – Forward Motion (Dj Mehdi Lean House Edit)
LNR – Work It To The Bone (Samo Sound Boy Lean House Edit)
Kazaky – In The Middle (B.Ames Mix) (Sam Tiba Lean Horse Edit)
Wiley – Crash Bandicoot (Mumdance Lean House Edit)
Green Velvet ft Russoul – Millie Vanillie (Boston Bun L
ean House Edit)
Kikumoto Allstars – Can’t Stop The House (LOL Boys Lean House Edit)
Josh One – Contemplation (King Britt Remix) (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team Lean House Edit)
Adonis – No Way Back (Surk’Lean Edit)
2000 and One – Spanish Fly (Out One Ritalin Edit)
Kevin Saunderson – Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix) (Brodinski Lean House Edit)
Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Das Glow Lean House Edit)

*Outs to Brodinski (who edit is also on the mix) and Discobelle for thee find.

Screwed UP Click - 1 Night 4 SCREW (Chopped & Screwed - DillA 2011 Blend)

European Screwheads label boss, DillA putting it down for their mixtape Swang To Tha East (DL it below). Wet. Pop them foreign trunks my Euro zaggin. SUC4LIFE. 2 blamz

Rollin down the street, on them swangas, jamming on that Screw.

Off the DJ Screw classic Crumbs 2 Bricks nomtalkinbout? Yaunderstand? Infinite BLAM.

Van Solo - June 27th Remix (Dj Screw Tribute)

Houston, Texas based and repping Van Solo gives it up for one if not the OG of Houston, the late, great DJ Screw (RIP). Over that infamous June 27th beat. SUC4LIFE mang. Infinite BLAM.

Xtra blam outs to Party Trash for thee find.


Love thee oil slick qualities (#DINOBLOOD) of this viddy that Party Trash made for the new THOED MYNDEZ junt. I had to correct this blam cos I can’t even tell when they trade places and stuff. Him and Nattymari go together sonically like 84’s and Vogues. I feel super blessed to count bredren as phamilee. THOED MYNDZ + WMK4LIFE. Infinite BLAM

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