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My stepsister is from Livernois and 7 Mile. I been jitting since the 95-96 era #trilltalk. So please believe I was onnit when I heard ghettotech torch bearer French man dem Kaptain Caddilac was dropping his Deville 1974 EP on Booty Call Records. INF BLAM.

#RAVELIFE. Bless D&B Arena for keeping thee faith. I actually got to wild out wiv John B a few years ago. Twas a night to remember. INF BLAM.

FOSTERCARE - Sleepless

Menacing. FOSTERCARE got me flying down thee coastline, pedal maxxxed out, nuke coursing through my bloodstream. Ah, those glowrious breaks are my shiz. INF BLAM.


#FETLIFE. Thank you SHAMS for giving all my crushers and foot lovers a tasty tune and video to dance and fap 2. Blam. Blam.

FOSTERCARE - The Empire Will Drain U

FOSTERCARE is that shyt. This video is beasty. BLAM X 2.

HOSPITAL - …is Houston in the house?

HOSPITAL reppin thee H Town… with pure jack. Oh shyt when dat cowbell starts tho? That’s when a zaggin starts to w o r k. INF BLAM.

I woulda got away wiv it if it wasnt for you meddlin kidz.

I woulda got away wiv it if it wasnt for you meddlin kidz.


Tijuana man dem SANTOS repping dem Ruidosón vibes well right chea.

SLOW HEAD - TXTBK’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGVAGE #53 as above so below

Slow Head rolled tsunami lvl waves over thee inhabitants ov TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 this last Sunday. Thee first wall ov watery grave hit the small but sturdy alt community at 10pm approx and within two hours, NOT ONE SURVIVOR REMAINED. The final siege took place amongst a slew ov choppy post punk breaks and ended with no wave in sight. INF BLAM

ssion – psy chic
legowelt – sturmvogel
ready for the world – oh sheila
friends – friend crush
lil b – i own swag
magic fades – gucci my chain reup
navigateur – girl on the couch
lasership stereo – riviera
electric youth – faces
def leppard – photograph (bad quality youtuberip)
joy orbison – hyph mango
bola – vespers
prince – iwoulddie4u (hazy club edit)
shlohmo wenuuu – optimus prom edit
actually – sweet raisin
#fullscreen – persistent headache
depeche mode – stripped
killing joke – love like blood
brotherhood of pagans – resurrection
lycia – ionia
frozen autumn – polar plateau
clan of xymox – jasmine and rose
the comsat angels – as above so below
icehouse – no promises
the cure – all cats r grey
the chameleons – second skin
tears for fears – pale shelter
the 3d’s – outer space
suicide – rocket usa

I’m BLVCK online so u can find me tuned in2 TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 (and in thee chat) over at Bummer Bit Radio every Sunday, 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST.

Steed Lord - Hideaway

Steed Lord back. Thee Icelandic imports borrowed the 1994 diva house classic from De’Lacy and turnt it upside out on thee LA freak tip. Funk styles are in effect right now in Blambodia. INF BLAM.

 t i g h t

t i g h t

Altern-8 come large wiv Brutal-8-E (come now!)

Altern-8 come large wiv Brutal-8-E (come now!)


R YA READY KIDZ??? Chicago duo SICH MANG made and ALL BOB E’RYTHANG mix. Thee international junts are mah fav. NUFF SAID. INF BLAM.


It’s MADDEN. No brainer. Turn it up. INF BLAM.

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