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(I dunno why all these symbols) Blam Lord ft. Di Fyah

Just another likkle taste, bigger tings to come. This is on PART II ( All 3 are totally worth checking out) of the WI╪CHBØØK comp COVENFVCK. ILY Powwoww. Good looking out Di Fiyah for the valley girl 'Idunnowhyallthesesymbols' (I promise real collabs soon). And most importantly, bless you witch house. 'Who loves ya, bb?' *Based Goth Black/Pinoy Telly Savalas voice* Infinitus Blamitus.

Kaleido Dancer powwoww

powwoww doing what he does best. Create atmosphere outta nothing. So magical. So wet. Blam. Blam.

powwoww - Bubblebeam

Drip. *pop* powwoww is splashing with this junt. So wet. Blam. Blam.


Euch. This is disgustingly soaked. #Bukkake. I loved the original but I also love how powwoww dra666ed this allllllllll thee way out. Blam. Blam.

powwoww - power tomb

I can see why powwoww is calling this elemental house. It is h u m i d. Step into thee temple, watch your step, there be traps, get yr jook on. Blam. Blam.

powwoww - Cure Us

Super joosy futuristic CLUB powwoww? This is soaked. Inf Blam.

Ciara - Oh (powwoww lemurian occult mix)

Love you powwoww. You alwayz know how to get all my Blambodian goons moving. My whole military is rolling off this junt. We are mobilized and raving hard through this konkrete jungle. INF-BLAM.

powwowW - I Am One

Tundra drops thee powwowW and Micro Naps split this week. Venture back into Blambodia and you’ll find both ov these artists releases (including this junt) embedded throughout my jungles. Love em both. Blam. Blam.

powwowW - k4rma 4 U

Thee Bay area is fully in this on the okkvlt jook end ov tingz. The powwowW split EP with Micro Naps out on Tundra is a ghetto goth gaunlet thrown down in the middle ov thee road. INFINITE BLAM.

powwoww - Homage 2 Illusion

Damn I love what powwoww does. So much that I had to cover one ov his tunes. This one actually. He has released this EP █ (II) on the name yr own price tip so plz, drop some coin if poss. INF BLAM.

powwowW - Spoon Bender

RAAAAVE LIFE. Damn, I just love what powwowW does. Re-solidifying my liquefied eardrums and returning em to a juicy state again and again. INF BLAM.

powwowW - My Body My Temple (Destroy It)

Well damn. This powwowW junt slapz so hard it summoned demons when I pressed play. They are in Blambodia now busting out their favorite hood moves. INF BLAM.

powwowW - Sharp Fangs

Here he comes. powwowW wiv another future primal stepper. Go native and get yr savage on my zaggin. INF BLAM.

powwowW - masc4masc

powwowW again? Ah yeah, again and again bruv. That synth work is dirtier and wetter than jack shack floors, no clean up. To own this tune, off his (II) EP, name yr own price and get widdit. INF BLAM.

Powwoww - Uwanna fuk (ruff)

Mi bredren Powwoww has some ov thee dirtiest synth in thee game. This is primal grade okkvlt. INF BLAM.

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