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Wayne Water - The Vulture

26 letters in the English alphabet. 26 tracks by Wayne Water (aka BOY MTN aka Michael Beaudoin owner of the tape label Sewage Tapes). Vast expanse via abandoned house window speculation music. Blam Blam.

Cyndies - I-Scream

For noisy, slightly disturbed (think copious drugs and rusty knives) dance parties in the dark of abandoned factories.

Cyndies | Tumblr | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

//////†3X†UR3\\\_∆C‡D-†R∆NQ VØL-2 

†3X†UR3 comin’ harrrrrrd wiv his latest mixxx, the 2nd ∆C‡D-†R∆NQ. Fulla dragged and slapped bodies of work. Trunk rattling captive swa666.

//////†3X†UR3\\\_∆C‡D-†R∆NQ VØL-2 by t3xtur3

Nightwave - Feel

So good. Nightwave (formerly known as 8bitch) is letting off futuristic riddim pon riddim. I’m ready for the Feel EP to drop June 29th on Svetlana Industries. Just check out the sampler below. Uh-mazing. So wet. Blambodia rinsed out!

Anika - No One’s There

Geoff Barrow (of Beak> and Portishead fame) produced this. I really hope he is still working on the long overdue Portishead album due out later this year. I need my Beth Gibbons throbbing heart crush mode life back IRL. Anika is mad rad though. It’s funny because she is coming out through Stones Throw and she has polarized fans of the label. Dilla, Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf this is not. Get over yourselves though Stones Throw beat fiends, lighten up and let Anika and that label live. Based world/Blambodia words of wisdom. Blam/Blam.


Ǥơ§ƪoŵ - $ u ӎ ӎ є r Я a i n ✌


G o S l o w is just super soaker swaggin and raining on lame parades. Squirting swag like a super stabbed waterbed. OMBG. Squishy like post pudding wrestling sex. Wet like jellyfish skeet. Underwater kush. Blam. Blam.

Mannequin Label + Hartzine

Nothing but serious okkvlt and dark wave pressure flooding through the pipe works of this mix Mannequin Label made to accompany their interview by Hartzine. Wet and fragrant like egyptian oil and graveyard soil. 2 Blamz.

The Present Moment – Intrigue
Octavius – Of Mask And Money
Sixth June – Back For A Day
Violet Tremors – Time Dissolver
Violet Tremors – Violet Trance
//TENSE// – Disconnect Myself
Mushy – Losing Days
The Metronomes – A Circuit Like Me
Degada Saf – Poli Su Mis
Intelligence Dept. – Loneliness
Vena – A Mortal Song In A Beautiful Sunday
Taste Of Decay – This Station
Led Er Est – A Darkness In My Soul (Solid Space cover)
Newclear Waves – Blood Moon
Opus Finis – Road To Hell
Ancien Régime – The Phantom Chariot
Led Er Est – Orange
Ancien Régime – Brief Encounter
Frank (Just Frank) – Valérie
CHROMAGAIN – Satisfied
Intelligence Dept. – Loneliness
Led Er Est – Lonesome XOXO

ExecutiveRealness - P-U-S-H

Plz. Go follow ExecutiveRealness on Soundcloud. Comment on his tracks. Follow him on Tumblr. Peep his digital art there. He makes that and this post everything club music that I super feel. Intimacy in art and the microscopic seem to be the common strain running through all his work and it shows but he also still keeps that big primal juking vibe in his tracks. Musical evolution at it’s finest can be heard in the elite few really out there pushing out into the void. Someone sign this dude. Get a single off him and push it asap. And nah breh, I haven’t been in contact wiv man dem, this is pure unadulterated praise. Blam. Blam.

Clubs for Boardgames † IXTLI

Zang Tundra Dubs. This Clubs For Boardgames junt is soggy wiv vibes. Slo mo throwed flow. Moar plz. 2 blamz.

Nattymari - Propmaster

What is this faded, warbling, warped cassette 60’s gypsy/cult/freak beat/industrial strength noise cacophony going off in my ears? Nattymari going blam. That’s what. 2 big azz blamz. .

Shaman - exhibit 7

Pop Culture Shaman so slept on. Shaman go hard. Shaman that zaggin. Unlmtd ammo, rinsing out for my bredren and his exxxtra phresh output. Toxic slop jook n chop. Sewer Greats 2 is clogged full of chunked up re-animated dino dukey like this junt. Scary good. B X 2.

The Birthday Party - Zoo Music Girl


Blissful future-primitive. Aerial performers. Internet art. Skulls. Geometric shapes. Like pyramids. Pictureplane swaggin down at thee Teotihuacan ruins in Mexico. Strobes. Alien probes. Moar skulls. A Real Is A Feeling tag. Technology trademarks. Zombelle spray on tropicult nailz. The Ferrari from Out Run. Travelling. Raving. Raging. ThIs Is StOoPiD wEt. 2 blamz.

Optimus Prom ☀ The Gweat Escape

Out tomorrow on Tundra comes this digital wave from Optimus Prom with hazy/wavy artwork by Slow Head. Triple Lindy splashing. 2 BLAMZ.

ULTRADEMON - #SEAPUNK MIX VOL. 3: Broken Beach Trip Mix

Ultrademon repping thee seapunk alignment something ferocious right here. Get wet or die drying! Blam. Blam.

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