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Balls Out, Volume 3. /// “The final chapter of mean drinkin’, dick swingin’ party noise for our gr8est palz at" - Harry Hunt of Glasgow, Scotland’s punk/noise label Methodist Leisure.

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Drunks With Guns - Enemy

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LA legends. Beautiful and dangerous.

Teach me how to dougie

Teach me how to dougie

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Fuck That. Fuck That. Fuck That. Fuck That.

b a l a n c e d

b a l a n c e d

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WUGAZI - Sleep Rules Everything Around Me

Can’t stop wheeling this one back. Wu Tang + Fugazi = Wugazi. And from what I’m hearing it looks like these MPLS hip hop and punk rock vets took the time to make this Wugazi: 13 Chambers release exxxxtra wet. It’s from the Doomtree collective so I’m not too surprised but larrrrrge ups fi dis one. It’s out on the 13th, yamocopdat. Now who’s gonna labor of love hook up NWA with Bad Brains? Geto Boys and Big Boys?? (oooooh, all Texas.) BLAM.BLAM.

Blaggers ITA - That’s Where It Ends

Don’t get it twisted. I have been a traditional skinhead since 1992. Yeah, I love to dance. I love electronic dance music. I am a raver. And I am also a full on died in thee wool hooligan. Hence my +/- stance. Blam Blam Fever is and extension, and evolution of my roots. Thee modern output of what reggae and soul bred. Rudie Just aka Blam Lord salute dem forever!


phL1PP32 - LYFE (Nattymari Rehardcorification)

Thee legendary Bay Area punks get sea legz bestowed on them by the triple OG witch, Nattymari. #Splash. Tough merman dem. 2 blamz

Chelsea - Right to work

Yall ready for thee 1st BLAM DAY blam sesh? It’s gonna be short and brootal ya dig? I am going hard for my close ones, street fam and extended music phamilee. What them basics talk about, be about is irrelevant *Based God voice*. I only do this wet work for the waviest. Fvck swag. Infinite BLAM.

Urban Tribal Lifer.

Urban Tribal Lifer.

THE PHEROMOANS "the bovril boys" from movies for ears on Vimeo.

THE PHEROMOANS - The bovril boys

UK band The Pheromoans LP Darby Joan & Fosters is out now on Clan Destine. Tough. Blam. Blam.

Channel 4Four - TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 #51 The Rehab Eve Mix

Let thee beaut ov a tracklist speak for itself but Channel 4Four ov thee Pale Noir camp threw down for thee 1 year anniversary show ov TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3. Download below. INFINITE BLAM.

Channel 4Four presents: The Rehab Eve Transmission “A Soundtrack for the Final Flight of a Psychedelic Psychonaut”
0.00:00- Bauhaus: “Double Dare” from the album- “In The Flat Field”
0.04:24- The Soft Moon: “Primal Eyes” from the album- “The Soft Moon”
0.06:43- Esben and the Witch: “Marching Song” from the album- “Violet Cries”
0.10:10- Brighter Death Now vs Hammock: “Necrose Evangelicum/Miles To Go Before Sleep”
a moment of reflection blend by Channel 4Four
0.15:40- This Mortal Coil: “FYT” from the album- “It’ll End In Tears”
0.18:33- Tribes of Neurot: “Blood and Water”- from the album “Static Migration”
interlude from an interview with Brian Wilson from 1976 found in the Channel 4Four vaults
0.26:12- Bloodiest: “Obituary” from the album- “Descent”
0.30:23- Today is the Day: “Temple of the Morning Star” from the album “Temple of the Morning Star”
0.33:08- Prurient: “Watch Silently” from the album- “Bermuda Drain”
0.36:29- Child Abuse: “Hold This” from the album- “Cut and Run”
0.40:08- Oneida: “10:30 At The Oasis” from the album- “Rated O”
0.52:00- Zombi: “Taurus” from the album- “Cosmos”
1.03:48- Rustie: “Glass Swords” from the album- “Glass Swords”
1.05:40- Neon Indian: “Mind, Drips” from the album- “Psychic Chasms”
1.08:22- Emeralds: “Summerdata” from the album- “Does It Look Like I’m Here?”
1.12:20- College: “The Light of Your Dress” from the album- “Valerie and Friends”
1.16:25- Lindstrom & Prins Thomas: “Rothaus” from the album- “II”
1.24:57- STS9: “Late for Work (Count Bass D Remix) from the album- “Peaceblaster: New Orleans Make It Right Remixes”
1.27:10- Nosaj Thing: “2222” from the album “Drift”
1:28:45- Kid606: “Parenthood” from the album “Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You”
1.32:53- Mission of Burma: “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” from the album- “Signals, Calls, and Marches”
1.36:40- Fugazi: “Shut the Door” from the album- “Repeater”
1.41:10- Russian Circles: “Melee” from the album “Geneva”
1.48:37- I†† vs the Gummo kids: “Flaming Sword” from the album- “Road To Duat: A Pale Noir Compliation”
an exclusive acid flashback blend by Channel 4Four
1.50:11- The Polyphonic Spree: “Section 20 (Together We’re Heavy)” from the album- “Together We’re Heavy”
1.53:10- Harold Grosskopf: “B. Aldrian” from the album- “Synthesist”
1.57:38- Primal Scream: “Space Blues #2” from the album- “Evil Heat”

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