Posts tagged "POSH"

Metro Zu - Posh Revolution

Posh nasty leaning. Metro Zu is on one. Wet. The 305 is seriously creeping on the music game right now. Ya dun know. 2BLAMZ.


So wet. METRO ZU snapping hard on this one. This shyt is blissful as fvck. INF BLAM.

Metro Zu - MURK DAT PU$$Y ft. Tweez

M-i-yayo based Metro Zu are out to kill thee power U. BX2.

Rubenslikk - Bible of dat acid R.I.P (removed for violation, download still available)

Drop tabs, fuck art school girls and zone to this RubenSlikk shyt. NUFF SAID. BLAMx2.

Wavy Spice - Bitch I’m Posh

This is shaping up to be and incredibly wet summer. Thee Spanish Harlemworld goddess Wavy Spice reps that nxt lvl liquid. INF BLAM.

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