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Music Video and Review of our Broadcast cover on MISHKA Bloglin :::::

Not much needs to be said. Broadcast showed an entire generation that their grandparents’ music could be cool.  Almost single-handedly, the Birmingham quartet, led by singer Trish Keenan and keyboardist Roj Stevens reintroduced youth culture to the freakbeat sounds of artists like Delia Derbyshire and The United States of America. In short, they once again made it hip to make music with a variety of repetitive bleeps and blorps. Quite frankly, they made the world a better, better place.

OS OVNI know this all too well. The Austin, Texas duo make the kind of music that would make the late Trish Keenan proud.  This isn’t your usual Chris and Cosey clone-age, Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouria owe more to fringe artists like Mort Garson than Miss Kittin. For their tribute, they decided to cover Broadcast’s “You Can Fall” with metallic talons. Where the original revels in its own Space Age bachelor pad, this one lies somewhere on the corner of Tinnitus Pan Alley. C’mon, anything too faithful would hardly be a tribute to a band that took pride in sounding exactly unlike their musical peers.  Retro has always been the new Futurism, and analog synths have always sounded more modern than their digital counterparts. Hopefully, they signal the coming of a new breed of artists that take themselves a little less seriously and make music that retains its density without being heavy to the point of fatigue. -Nattymari



Delia Derbyshire : Ziw-zih Ziw-zih OO-OO-OO : 1966 Thick Pigeon : Dog : 1983 Bruce Haack : Moonlight and Roses : 1978 Polyrock 5 : You Dragging Feet : 1980 Carol : So Low : 1981 Elisa Wuat : Russia : 1985 Super Mario World : Castle : 1991 Alpha Mission 2 : Neo Geo : 1991 Broadcast : Lights Out : 1997 US69 : 2069 A Spaced Oddity : 1969
Compiled by Omebi Velouria and Logan Owlbeemoth : April 2011

RAD, the new VNHOLY GROVND mix is k i l l e r.




Delia Derbyshire : Ziw-zih Ziw-zih OO-OO-OO : 1966 
Thick Pigeon : Dog : 1983 
Bruce Haack : Moonlight and Roses : 1978 
Polyrock 5 : You Dragging Feet : 1980 
Carol : So Low : 1981 
Elisa Wuat : Russia : 1985 
Super Mario World : Castle : 1991 
Alpha Mission 2 : Neo Geo : 1991 
Broadcast : Lights Out : 1997 
US69 : 2069 A Spaced Oddity : 1969

Compiled by Omebi Velouria and Logan Owlbeemoth : April 2011

RAD, the new VNHOLY GROVND mix is k i l l e r.

Modern Witch - Desire

Blinding. For realz. Modern Witch re-imagining Oppenheimer Analysis tune Subterranean Desire? Whaaaat? When the claps slide in I am at a loss for words. I’m out somewhere on the dance floor oblivious to the whole fvcking world. FTW, Modern Witch is on. Off the upcoming 7” split with Os Ovni out soon on Tundra. /3! /3!

OS OVNI is rad. This likkle vintage futuristic viddy is for the Austin, Tx based duo’s half of the 7” split with Modern Witch. Pre-sales and streaming available of the limited edition release on Tundra.

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsion. Os Ovni take on The Carpenters classic We’ve Only Just Begun . A dreamy vox, bleep n synth mutilation of it actually. Beyond just enjoyable. [OMBG, 1408 brought me here!] 2 blamz.

Os Ovni did not fvck around when they made this mix for TXTBK’s CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3. They.did.not.fvck.around. The track list alone will drip sweat in yr eyes wiv all the dark, digital and dreamy discotheque choonz. Personally lost it hearing (Ohio’s own) Braniac in this! Wow. 2 blamz.

And if you haven’t been tuning in, check out the TXTBK show. CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 on Karnival Radio Sun. 10-12am/Wed 8-10pm

OS OVNI : Mindship

Hello there new Os Ovni tune. What’s that you say? You are for the ▲WI╪CHBØØK▲ compilation? Mike Textbeak (And bad man behind thee CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 show) threw down some vibes in your creation? I’m sorry what was that again? I can’t hear over all the zwvggin I’m doing on this intergalactic Milk + ketamine. Lap it up right meow. 2 blamz.

OS OVNI : Mindship

Wet. Os Ovni put visuals to their spacey synth junt. Get yr feline on and slink around thee house in animal print zentai suits. No? Okay. Well then just lean back and enjoy the breeze and mist coming off this jam. Blam. Blam.

OS OVNI - We’ve Only Just Begun

Program our flight coordinates on the Destroyer class starship Blambodia stole has on loan from Drexciya. #Weouttahere. Bless you Os Ovni for and intergalactic sdtrk. Blam. Blam.

Os Ovni - Holographic Dreams

BANG! Blambodia is back. 1st, this wonderful new choon from synth duo OS OVNI wiv a trippy video from thee VidKidz. INFINITE BLAM.

OS OVNI - Holographic Dreams inhaled by The Endless

This here OS OVNI tune got techno vibed up by The Endless. Feeling it. Inf Blam.

Os Ovni - Ode to a Space Convict

This coldblooded choon from Os Ovni is strictly for my reptoids. Fear us, for our time approaches. Off thee upcoming V.A. SOMETHING COLD. INF BLAM.

Blue on Blue - Night Terrors

London duo Blue On Blue made my ears perk wiv this choon. From it’s static laced vox to thee minimal chip vibes under all that dark wave pressure. Off their forthcoming split EP with Os Ovni out soon on Robot Elephant Records. Blam X II.

OS OVNI - Ode to a Space Convict

Incred visuals for thee OS OVNI choon that is already a cult classic in Blambodia. Out soon on thee Something Cold V.A. compiltion.

OS OVNI - A Lil in the Moon

OS OVNI got a deep space trippy video from Stephen Hal Fishman for this song off their Robot Elephant 12”. Watch in full screen 1080p mode and feel your pleasure sensors explode. ∞ BLAM.

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