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Stalley- Pound

Nuh long ting. Of course I’ma rinse out for my homie Stalley. Intelligient trunk music? Can’t beat that. If you don’t have his Lincoln Way Nights mixtape there’s the DL. No excuses now. Ohio what up?? 2 blamz.

Stalley - Chevys and Space Ships

Always gonna fvck with Stalley. I see you homie in thee Buckeye sweatshirt! Columbus got you bro! My zaggin Grizz is making beats for duder rite now. So he like phamilee right? Right. Ohio stand up. ∞ blamz.

"…back to where? EAST 99" - *BTNH voice*

"…back to where? EAST 99" - *BTNH voice*

Ocean Gang- 89TH OHIO BASED FREESTYLE(DA BIG 3) Chopped and Screwed (By:RealBSE)




Tavaris feat. Coolio - Straight Butta

Can’t stop won’t stop. Coolio and Columbus 90’s G Funk man dem Tavaris (from Southfield!) So slept on. Infinite BLAM.

Cleveland is the reason

Cleveland is the reason

G-Side ft. Stalley & Joi Tiffany - Gettin’ It

Been waiting for this to come out. My fam originally comes from Alabama and we are seriously in Ohio. Both Stalley and G Side hold it down for their states respectively. Get wet or die dry! Blam. Blam.

Mi no surrender.

Mi no surrender.

Graveyard Shift - Killing Fields

Turn up this classic junt from Mo Thug Family Scriptures and ride wiv me. Ohio we in here. RIP Tombstone. ∞ BLAM

FUNERALS - RPR (Unmixed/Unmastered Demo Preview)

A glimpse at new material from Columbus, Ohio’s own duo FUNERALS? ONNIT. Wonky and steppy? I’m widdit blaad. INF BLAM.

2Ξ9 SłNS - λMΙ†γville

G E T O U T. Ohio’s own, Dayton based 2Ξ9 SłNS had all guns busting in Blambodia fi dis one. A cult classic sampling break heavy choon? Ya dun know! ∞ BLAM


NYC/OHIO duo PHANTOM POWER got me feeling this ting. Low end bass n ethereal chanting? That sounds Blambodian to me. B x 2.

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