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FOLLOWER is the gnarly Brooklyn based (goth!) duo Amber and Bunny. I fell head over heels for these oh so wavey witches. The production is sick and I absolutely love their voices and the inflections they use. From ritualistic monotone spell casting to this seriously askew voice warbling and cackling rhymes as they both glide in and out of the fog. Hard as coffin nails. I just want to get out on the floor and spazz out to this shiz. Bacchanalia time!

Cult Classic by FOLLOWER

Follow FOLLOWER (hrhrhr) on Facebook and check out their site. /3L4m /3L4m.

I can see it in your eyez

Party Trash is so sick.

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. fromrussiawithaids - AGASCHA from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

BLAM BLAM! Gunshot lick ya head back! This video work by Cosmotropia de Xam made me jump the first time I watched it. So fvcking ill.

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION feat. fromrussiawithaids - AGASCHA

HEXAHORRA from MrTCDV on Vimeo.



SECtEofSOUnD - Exude

I love the tribal sounding pulse that starts this up. PRIMAL.

D R A 666 E D


S W A 666 I N’!!!

JACULA - magister dixit (1969)

Jacula, give me exit music. I’m ghost.

Simon, King of the Witches (1971)

Simon, King of the Witches (1971)

protect ya neck!
protect ya neck!


Theway Peoplestare - great heights of ecstasy, deep wells of grief

The latest show from Sammantha Leesonja aka TheWay PeopleStare is so wavy, so wet. A dark electronic show broadcasting monthly outta Oz from witch (pun!) I’ve discovered some quality new artists, like for instance, Clouds Above Chaos from this very episode that aired live a couple days ago. Thee pham Aural Sects get airtime ‘longside a lil leak from the upcoming Witchbook comp, choice cuts and exclusives from Raw Moans, ∆AIMON , Mascara, Crossover, I†† and more. Hell, even the Ohio homie Mike Textbeak and his own show CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 gets a plug and big up! Plus, the transmission itself at times has a found tape/post disaster black box feel that I really dig. Almost overwhelmingly wet. I done drowned. Lucky for me I have these nifty gills. +/- Blam Lord +/-. ∞ B L A M

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