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ƸC†OPL∆SM - Creeper (Nattymari Obliteration)

Sure, I’ll let this kick off 2daze Blambodian assault. So n-e-wayz, and ƸC†OPL∆SM track meets a powerful Nattymari enchantment obliteration inna dark alley. Thee dark electronic powers tear through the cloth of convention and the fabric between witch house and SLAB (Slow Loud And Banging) thins even more. Future looking dark bredren. 2 blamz.

Ha Haaaaaa. I am literally LOL’ing at how beasty my wicca Nattymari is when it comes to blurring and slurring tings. Wha gwan my zaggin? I know yr enjoying plenty of Screw on his born date. Like today is different than any day. Pssssssssh. Witch Made foo. ∞ BL▲M.

Mack 10 - Street Shit
3s Company - Shy Chick
Ampuchino - Stunt My Ass Off
Cassidy - Mic Fiend
Kurupt - Can U Feel It
8 Ball & MJG f/ Too $hort - Cigarette
Texas Dream Team - Top Shelf
Fat Pimp - Number 1
Chop da Hookman f/ Jacka - Mama’s Advice

Nattymari - Propmeister (sifaka defenestration)

Any time these 2 work together it’s like nanobots have planted microscopic explosive devices all over my brain. Systematic shutdown. Nattymari, the lord of turning tings slow and Sifaka, the emperor of the chopping technique. Combo! Fatality. ∞ BL▲M

How do you even go about explaining how wet this release is? Srsly. I would have blammed this earlier today but there were some technical difficulties here in the hood (East Haven foo) and I wasn’t about to go grab wi-fi somewhere. Psssh. I’m really out here breh.

And that’s one of the primary reason I fvckz wiv Nattymari. He really is out here. Out there, beyond. Yet still loyal to his soil. Pushing out crazy witch house product (Takashi Miike/Based God/No Limit Records in its prime output) and completely soaked in hard edged, obscure and rare G music, bro has his finger on the pulse. And he’s cutting it with surgical precision. With a sound that stays on a mysterious, no label having, sun damaged cassette tip, Nattymari gets a rush out of restructuring what music is supposed to sound like.

Look at that tracklist my z’aggin. Feel the Memphis Buck flavor splashed all over this. The drag editing just jookin and choppin all over your eardrums. NXT LVL SHXT. There are a couple on here that have been eating lately and it is driving the jealous ones absolutely mad. There are some doing their absolute brrrang kidang dang thang on this mix (Sortahuman whut up?! O6 N3RY whutz good?). All of em are phresh and got barz that compliment that Witch Made Klik originality. This whole ting has permanent water damage. This mix has been drowned in the Mississippi. Murdered In Memphis. ∞ BL▲M

SortahumanBring the Crowd
V-Na$tyMURDERDEATHKILL (feat. Kreayshawn)
KreayshawnBuster (feat. Gata)
NattymariT$LK Y$ A$$ O$$
Young Hawaii Slim and Jay UghCBGFly
KreayshawnBreathtaking Freestyle (feat. Gata Alexander Spit)
NattymariH474 BE47

Download available through Мишка and the extremely rare 100 cassette tape release (Side B featuring more unreleased Nattymari zwvg) is available through UK label and personal fwendz Clan Destine Records. WMK phor lyfe.

Nattymari - Day 54

On some DamnSON,where’dyafindTHAT? type shit. Witch Made Klikk triple OG Nattymari shows the YG’s and lil homies how it’s done. Blambodians ride to real rare S.L.A.B witchy drag slapz like this.

Lemme keep it 100 with you… I wouldn’t even fvck wiv witchhouse if this z’aggin didn’t get me looking over at it like, hold up, there are some real artists swangin hard over thurr. I’m glad I did cos I have made some true homies out of it. No matter what, I will always be reppin that WMK and thee phamilee Nattymari.∞ BL▲M

Nattymari - BYG AZZ BODHI

Yikes. I had mentioned upon first seeing this that Bollywood audiovisuals dragged and dripped by Nattymari look like the Atari Centipede descending. Relentless and without pause. That viewpoint is sharpened and jabbed in my eyes upon second observation. 2 blamz.

SortaHuman x NattymariSTONER!!

Alabama trio SortaHuman(Supa, Snaxx and JoeyBagaDoughnuts) come swangin down with a drippy, trippy and totally stoned viddy for a track off of (and produced by) Nattymari's Murdered In Memphis. The most innovative, nostalgic, future-primitive mixtape that has come out in forever. Cop thee physical release on Clan Destine Records. ∞ BL▲M

MELLOW GRAVE - Oxygen (Nattymari Obliteration)

Yeah blood. Nattymari has entered the room. Got this Mellow Grave track acting real brolic. Mebbe we should should ban him from this group? Fvck a group. Witch Made. 2 blamz.

Party Trash and Nattymari - THOEDMYNDEZ

Yeeee’n know?? Party Trash and Nattymari are about to team up and keep slanging out thee wettest, dragged and dripped junts like this one under the name, duh, Thoed Myndez. So geeked for this okkvlt classick killabo. Oh and do not forget the Sortahuman/Dark Sister/Party Trash action LOSTPLANET coming soon 2 a speaker near you. (If you got Blambodian in you) Clan Destine bredren. 2 blamz.


This zaggin should be playing at every suicide cult’s ‘ascension’. Nomtalkinbout? NU75UO is no joke (Samuel L Jackson voice). 2 blamz.

Multiple eargasms provided by Aural Sects. Spirit leaving the body. Post physical. Get wet. Blam. Blam.

thoed myndez - shot callin’

Soaked through to the bone. Nattymari and Party Trash? Jut like that?! Blambodia is feeling itself today with another ∞ blam.

NATTYMARI - c0m3 m477r3ss

Euch. Take that. Take that. Take that. Witch Made tho back. Still, killing most current shiz. 2 blamz.

TYNattymari for a slowed stroll down memory lane. I know you basically did this jut for yrself but trill recognize trill. This right here is nuff reason for me to rinse out for ya phamilee. 2 Blamz.

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