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NФΔH 23 f†. ÐΔЯҜ §i§†€Я - §ҜvŁŁ​-​Fvc†

Based goth! This track is double + good. What?! Wet. I’m drenched over here. Thee homie Party Trash threw this at me a couple dayz ago but this is my 1st chance listening to NФΔH 23 and I’m insta-done4. Wavelengthin. And putting Dark Sister on this junt made my tiny pantz even tinier. Zwvg. Grab thee whole ФCҟVL† †ЯiLL †H€ Щi†CH-†ΔP€ on thee name yr own price tip not now but rite now. 2 blamz.

NФΔH 23 - §ҜvŁŁ-Fvc† f†. ÐΔЯҜ §i§†€Я {skrwdbeatmix}

Wait, what? You don’t have ФCҟVL† †ЯiLL †H€ Щi†CH-†ΔP€ yet from NФΔH 23? You haven’t heard DARK SISTER? Who are you? ( +/- Blam Lord slowly pulls out blammer +/-) You better start running. 3. 2. 1. BLAM. BLAM.

NФΔH 23- ₦Ф §v♍♍€Я {oOoOO}

Bars blood, bars. NФΔH 23 is wet like a knife post stabbing. Blam. Blam.

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