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MADDEN - NBA Weed Pizza Party 2k12 (seadonk)

P I Z Z AYYYYYYE. Watch out, MADDEN has thee nxt lvl RAVE LIFE ultralite ball with this mini mixxx. Dribble, splash, dunk, juked ya. Anuva Aural Sects assault. Blam. Blam.

MADDEN - Øn †h3 FL0 .

MADDEN doin it 2 death right here. Soaked. Blam. Blam. .

MADDEN - ƒokD4†

MADDEN iz stoopid productive. So many edits, originals, just so many slapz. Collect em all. Blam. Blam.


Wet. Thee now age is such a drag. And I love it. MADDEN turnz a cult classic inside out and sprinkles it’s hip hop hippie gutz all over the room. INF-BLAM.

MADDEN - $4V3 †H3 W1†

Water based witchcraft for thoed crustaceans. MADDEN is okkvlt swangin on a seafoam skidoo. 2 BLAMZ.

NIGHT-Zola Jesus (M∆DD3N midas may remix)

Drenched. MADDEN tooted and booted this Zola Jesus choon. Drag nah dead. Blambodians keep banging it, and hard. 2 BLAMZ.


So wet. So emotional. This MADDEN junt has got me walking slow through a recently (and thoroughly) annihilated monastery. Covered in blood and clutching and assault rifle with a bayonet. INF BLAM..

MADDEN - Ice Kingdom (crack shark)

MADDEN has me practicing my gun fu in public with this epic OST jook. INFINITE BLAM.

MADDEN - i sea dead people ( iç¥ D3D p£øp1£ )

MADDEN killed thee sound wiv this one. Long live evil DEVIL SHYT. \m/ INF BLAM.

MADDEN - #BLOODONMY# “(older than a witch’s pumpum mix)”

So wet. Str8 Icy. Moar ov Alex Wolf's visual datamosh bidness. This time for a real live †∆ Post Religion∆† release. My zaggin MADDEN with his 3 track EP #icydemgIRLs. Reach into my flamez and snatch this up. INF BLAM.


Future primitive okkvlt trap wetness. MADDEN is a monsta. INF BLAM.

MADDEN - ♒☺❤U MAD❤☺♒

Moar jungle related sound y’eard? This time my zag MADDEN steps up and slangs some breaks, vibes and tings. INF BLAM.

Frank Ocean- Thinking About You (M∆DDEN Skeng’d YR Mom Remix)

Wha gwaaaan MADDEN ?! Ya dun turnt up this Frank Ocean junt and got me on my old time junglist skanking. PIXXVGVNG FYL. INF BLAM.

Croydon - Om∆n§ M‡X†∆PE

Witch nah dead so stop ya pussyclot cryin! Los Angeles based (and Earmilk representative) Croydon slung down thee most effective okkvlt vibes that a Blambodian could ask for. MADDEN on the killabo?? B E A S T Y. INF BLAM.

Croydon - The R∆ven
Tragic Error - Tanzen (Confederate Swag and Croydon Remix)
Croydon - Ouija
Croydon and Madden Featuring D∆ims - Sun Prison
Croydon and BL▲CK † CEILING - V∆∆D∆∆
Croydon - Ouroboros
Croydon - WøLVES
Croydon and Velanova - Concer†ino of †he Wre†ched

Drrty Pharms-Restrained, (MADDEN tek dutty gul remix)

This Drrty junt got a srsly dutty refix. DAT’S STR8 BLAMBODIAN. Happy born date MADDEN. PIXXVGVNGBVNGING. INF BLAM.

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