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Bye bye pussy. #blownout

Chingo Bling - Estoy Trill (Che Will)

Chingo Bling is very very slept on. From his proud repping of Mexican culture to his mixtapes and his sense of humor (Wetback Wednesdays!) that is my carnal right there. I ride for my Brown bredren something serious even though I wish we could get along far better. Barrio, Ghetto, it’s all the same fam. 2 BLAMZ.

Lil’ Wayne - With You Feat. Drake (Screwed By Brodinski)

I can keep it 100 with ya and tell you I don’t follow the careers of Lil Wayne or Drake. For personal reasons I don’t care to even break the surface on. I do however bang hella S.L.A.B junts and Brodinski hooked this bitch up (or is it dowwwwwwwwwwn?) And who woulda thunk, Drake’s delivery, the way he drags out the ends of his bars would sound so wet dragged out even more? B x 2.

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