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lost planet - crash landed

#SOAKED. A trifetca of trillwave tsunami. LOSTPLANET (Party Trash + Sortahuman) are my str8 up zaggin and so is my otha bruva from anuva Pop Culture Shaman, who made this zwvgged out purple VHS viddy for the full on audiovisual annihilation. Peep game, if you combine liquid swords, dark vibes and deep space synth on the cult flick level status, you crash land on Blambodian soil e’rytime. ∞ blamz

LOSTPLANET - Crash Landed

Soaked through. The Alabama based trio SortaHuman repping thee LOSTPLANET project they have with Party Trash. Dipped in Southern gothic otherworldly vibes and dripping with weird blackish purple unidentified joose. Infinite BLAM.

LOSTPLANET - Smokin’ All The Time

Stoner! I dunno who you fvck wiv trill heavy and frankly, IDGAF. It doesn’t matter to me. What I do here in Blambodia is bust off a couple shots for artists I respect to thee fullest. I don’t participate in hating on someone if I dislike their style I just keep it moving ya feel me? LOSTPLANET is the ‘Bama rap trio SortaHuman jooking all over witchy junts from Tennessee based Party Trash . DarkSister is also in on thee LOSTPLANET project and so is yours truly. That right there is a serious collabo, I call that a KILLabo. Infinite BLAM.


This LOST PLANET (PARTY TRASH + SORTAHUMAN) release is gonna be murderous. NOAH 23 teams up with them here to display them crazy thoughts. INF-BLAM.


The self titled LOSTPLANET(SortaHuman + Party Trash) album is out! So much okkvlt jook joose on this 20 track debut it is well worth the 2 dollar holler it costs. Squadda B ov thee Green Ova camp and LOSTPLANET get silly on this clown killing piece. Infinite BLAM.

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