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Oh how I love London. It’s so wet.

Boddika - R.S.D

Al Green (no relation ya eed-yat) aka Boddika, one half of Instra:Mental (faves) has made this machine lockstepping banger available for dl. I suggest you grab it while you have the chance.

R.S.D. by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

TUGGAWAR - Dem Ah Pussy (Monster Man Riddim)

Hackney, London bad man TUGGAWAR a murda the sound. Pussy.


No long ting. Both Alix Perez and Khanage are DnB faves. And this is a class refix of a class choon. Wet. Blam. Blam.

Poly Styrene - Ghoulish (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)

Loving you so hard right now Hercules & Love Affair. To get this post humous Poly Styrene (RIPOwer my Nubian Punk Rock Queen) tune str8 housin was a proper NYC tribute to a wonderful LDN woman who contributed so much to alternative music. Up thee punks! House music all night long! We love you Poly! Blam. Blam.


Sliding escapism vox and desperation samples over a slowed Bangs and Works turn’t out perfect. Yuh mega large PALMISTRY. Blam. Blam.

Bare respect Мишка. My whole extended phamilee already fvckz wiv you heavy (Witch Made| Aural Sects |Stoner Gang | RVXDXR KLVN) but this time you made it str8 personal.
Grime legend Spooky Bizzle has become the latest installment in their mix series. YUH LARGE. Been fvcking wiv man dem heavy since he came out with the Slew Dem camp. Go to Мишка to check out the fully loaded tracklist and boss writeup but you can DL it below and spazz out not now but right now. Blam. Blam.

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FELICITA - shougang fantasyrush/ wavey

New 2 track attack from thee mysterious LDN repping FELICITA? Mind blown. First with a crrrrrrrrrrrrazy ebbing and flowing grime riddim and then with a heavily saturated blanket of chimes and pressurized bass. Grime and chimes. Heroic bloodshed and gun fu? Hong Kong Triad Rave Life? Release the doves. Blam. Blam.

Scrufizzer - Fizzy Flow

West LDN man dem Scru Fizzer has srs wind. SRSLY. 2 BLAMZ.


Unavoidable shots fired. London man dem PALMISTRY has slid out new junts and a couple from thee last couple months. This is that pure wetness. Trouble is my shiz. (but you know that a’ready if you really follow Blam Blam Fever) B X 2.

Ratlin ft Mavado - Messiah Remix

Bad man dem. West LDN rude boy Ratlin went off on this Mavado classic. Peep and grab his whole mixtape, Summertime In Mexico here or just DL this track below. Blam. Blam.

Ratlin: ft I-Octane - My Lifes Not Easy

Using thee I Octane choon from last year, West LDN man dem Ratlin reflects. 2 blamz.


LDN man dem Dolamite snatched up a proper vocal assist from a Mavado tune and went in on some do or die street shit. Feeling it. That beat, his delivery, hard as concrete. Blam. Blam..

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