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Zonora Point - Fuck Pacos

Fuck the police is a global ghetto mantra. A.C.A.B. In Chile, the rollers are called pacos. Zonora Point carry on tradition with pure fire Chilean flow, gun claps and air horns. 2 huge riot bomb blamz.

Rita :: los reyes de la cumbia (psicodelic dub edit) // elbarba dub

Ummm, yeah. Super wet. Elbarba blazes his own path with this Cumbia Dub. Feeling it so much in Blambodia. Another artist with a finger on the pulse of tribal riddim and a foot planted in the next dimension. It is a no brainer that Latin America is secreting the world’s edgiest folk influenced electronic artists these days. The proximity and the cross pollination is at a deadly beautiful all time high. Damn I love technology. Now someone help and upgrade Rosetta Stone so I can DL espanol into my mind. I need that app, asap. 2 blamz.

djSuperStereo - My Juke

Unbelievably wet. Hungary based djSuperStereo is one of thee select few combining Balkan vibes with tropical, Latin and good old ghetto bass. Nuh long ting, thee world is a ghetto and the ghettos of thee world need something to get loose and juke to. Blam. Blam.

Sonora-a toda prisa
Munchi-yazzer tin air max
Mahala Rai Banda vs Gaetano Fabri-kibori
Poirier Burro Banton-ghetto living (Chong X remix)
Alborosie-kingston town (Uproot Andy remix)
Schlachthofbronx-wave and wine feat. Ruff n Smooth
Notch - que te pica miami bass booty mix

Nocera - Summertime,Summertime (Hard Summer Dub)

Sour Times (den5hion remix)

Best believe. This is Tech Noir. Tribal spy trillwave. Den5ion got Beth Gibbons down in Mexico somewhere changing up her drug of choice right chea. BLAM. BLAM.

Deltatron - Los gramos

Lima, Peru residing Deltatron has his finger on thee pulse of Latin flavored raver chaos. Better keep his finger off tha scale though when weighing out my Peruvian flake ya feel me? Dos Blams.

Chi-C & Quality - Maldiciones Feat. Tu Madre (Original Juke)

W E T. Thee homie Ricky Gutierrez aka Quality is a fool for this Latin vibe soaked Chicago juke. This is so primal. Inf-BLAM.

 posse cut

posse cut


PACHANGIUITO does barrio + jungle justice to this Spanish hip hop tune by Kumar. Ghetto bredren unite. INF BLAM.


You nuh dig? Well, I’ll just tun up this mixxx Tony Gallardo II made for Pura Cura and blot out u nons. ∞ BLAM.

Christian S. / Jagos
Tony Gallardo II / Costa Drums
DJs Pareja / Kenia
Morgan Hammer / Quiero Un Perro
DJ Funeral / Bounce Dat
Van Christie / That Shit’s Wild
Ana Helder / Mugre
Linkwood / Chicago
Tricky Disco / Fly Spray
Tony Gallardo II / Mango Sweat
Supermad / Killer
Tony Gallardo II Feat. Matilda Manzana / Vuela Vuela (Magneto Cover)

zoom on a kill - La Cocecha de Wendy

Latin percussion flavored chillbient via Mexico resident zoom on a kill. Zone. ∞ BLAM

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