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Belgium juke music monster Juke Ellington's got me feeling like Indy. Damn, I'm on some Jake and Finn shit. This has me juking for the jewel of the Nile. Adventure time! The river of the ghetto by Juke Ellington

Juke Ellington - Dead Spirit Juke

Juke Ellington doing the damn thang once again. This time going for the supernatural jugular. Blam. Blam.

Juke Ellington - Visitor from ghetto

The homie Juke Ellington flinging a lil ghetto bass flurry right at yr ass on this one. Pro robo. Blam. Blam.

Tha homie Juke Ellington put together a mix that encapsulates all the 2011 variations of Juke. 'Taste the rainbow' - *Skittles® voice*. Blam. Blam.

‎-Dj Dice - Kumbia Keys
-Double O pimo - Ah eh ah Dj Dice Remix
-Dj Chi-c - Dale Mas Duro Juke
-Sigma - fuego
-Double O Pimo - B-more Bitch!
-Takeshy Kurusawa - Block Off - laidback Juke Remix
-Go Fresh - Smokin’ On
-MadDot3 - Puta Cabrona
-J Tek - Suck My Dick
-Film4D2 - A laughing Matter (syko remix)
-Crisis - Love the way you lie edit
-Dj Trajic - I got Hoes
-Dj Guy - Bucked Up
-Dj Gero - Hey Yo (kaptain cadillac remix)
-Juke Ellington - Hit em Hard

Juke Ellington - Ice island juke

Epic juke. Cinematic footwork. Better have cult flick level bangs if you get out in tha circle on this new Juke Ellington junt. 2 BLAMZ.

Juke Ellington -The Juke Steps out -The Return v.1 

Thee homie, Belgium man dem Juke Ellington wiv anuva tight junt. Digging them vocal bytes. Blambodia is bangin to this tech noir footwork. B x 2.

Juke Ellington - 6 minutes Of Ghetto

Primal. My Belgium based zaggin Juke Ellington threw down a mega mini ghetto set. Yeen up on this shyt right chea. INF BLAM.

The Heart Gently Weeps (Tigorilla & Cid Ikarus Remix)
shake ya tail (supa remix)- dj frosty (produced by dj_jayhood & dj tameil)
Kaptain Cadillac - Bullshit and Gangstashit
Dookz - fukdat 808 
CRZKNY- Death Slave, MITEGUY Proof

Juke Ellington - The sweetness is in the bass

I’ma a slap-a-holic and bass is a day to day condition that I must live with. Thee homie from Belgium, Juke Ellington is killing me wiv this extra emotional junt. Them strings? Those chimes? Crucial. I done relapsed and bass head nodded out to this. ∞ BLAM

Juke Ellington - Shakuhachi - the voice of bamboo

YOUGOTTAUNSHEATHYOURSWORDSFORTHISONE!!! good looking out Juke Ellington for giving me another future primitive anthem. ∞ BLAM

Woodkid - Iron ( Juke Ellington Bass Remix)

Okay den Juke Ellington, you did dat. I love thee urgency added to this (still) big medieval France futuristic choon from Woodkid. Infinite BLAM.

Juke Ellington: Tell Me What You Need Bitch

Dubporn dropped a footwork comp and my zaggin, thee Mons, Belgium based Juke Ellington is onnit with these dreamy 90’s R&B flavored bangs. Name your price and get this! Inf Blam.

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