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Kingdom - If You Buck

Been banging this new Kingdom slap since I snatched it up. Need me a good 2 go grrl 2 practice her hip roll 2 this wetness. Blam X 2.

So wet. Keumel threw some proper deep stank on Frank Ocean’s tune. Pu-na-na-naaaah. 2 blamz.

SSION - PSY-CHIC (Fire For Effect’s P.I.I.Y.M. Remix)

#Splash. Hop on board thee peace + love + understanding + respect boat. fireforeffect r slapping the surface hard wiv this refix for SSION. Blambodian tiki torch tropicult beach party! Sea punk grrlz n boyz put on yr ghetto goth tan lotion. 2 blamz.

Lemonade - The Place Where You Belong

Yeah blood. Drink it up. Tropical joose squeezed straight outta BK band Lemonade all over a classic Shai junt. Shai reminds me ov my Senior year in high school. Swaggin out. ∞ BLAM.

துஈசிதிசி திஇல்டூ - credible scavengers ft. Amerie

I drown the feed in FB (no shame) with cutz that I deem choice so it was pretty dope to see Sifaka Kong dug my bbgirl Amerie’s voice (ystrdy!) and chopped up her vox from the DC GO GO flavored anthem One Thing. It came out thee other end of his chopping plant sounding super primal just like we like it round here in Blambodia. Infinite BLAM.


Why Beezy is that zaggin. Been meaning to BLAM this hard but the track listing should say e’rythang I woulda said. So without further ado, BLAM. BLAM.

K Millz - I Don’t Deserve You
Soulja Boy - Came Out The Water
Dj Tiga - Im On One Vs Trust Issues
Everything Is Alright (Trrbo Remix) []
Madeline Puckette - Mirage (Jim E-Stack Remix)
Nguzunguzu - Drive Me Crazy (Why Be Remix)
Lisbent - Até Paresse
Dj Lilocox Ft Dj Edifox
Ho- Hokekyo 2
Red Eyes - Muitos Picas
Dj Mafia Boy
Total Freedom - Total Freedom

Unicorn Kid is one of thee wettest. This is it blood. My cyberpunk dreams are becoming real and leaping off the screen. 2011 has been thee most progressive year for electronic music. SRSLY. Now do tha Bartman wiv me. Infinite BLAM.

Above and Beyond - Sun & Moon (GI∆LLO edit)
Unicorn Kid - Chrome Lion (Ultrademon’s Dub)
Livin’ Joy - Don’t Stop Movin’
Pictureplane - Touching Transform
????? - ?????
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (DJ DOLPHIN BOI EDIT)
Darren Styles - Taking Me Higher




Off his new album GENETISIS out Tuesday, thee alwayz wavy Strange Powers out there riding tha big ones with this junt. Featuring a rad vocal assist from Fatima Lily, this right here has me doing my savage dance around the burnt up Maybach frame we use as a fireplace here in ground zero Blambodia. My goons are rinsing out all choppers to this one. Blam. Blam.

Adeptus - Deep Guest (Instrumental)

Yeah Adeptus , I’ma need some wavy new agey cake frost junts like this to get my Blam Lord on kthanxbye. Blam. Blam.

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire Nuthin’ Even Matters (Regrets)

Thank you Мишка for fvcking wiv Mr. MFN eXquire. Srsly. This dood is str8 primal. Pure BKLYN. Rudie BLAM BLAM.

Dj TaMeiL - TheThrone (club cd)

Wet. DJ Tameil back (neverleft!). Swang to this. 2 blamz.

TR££B£∆RD - Chrome Shores (U Sank My Submarine)

TR££B£∆RD just spilt this EP of wetness Smile If You Masturbate with Aural Sects. Damn I love my heXXXtended phamilee, my own gothic futurist grammatical errors and sex puns. Infinite BLAM.

okdk - triple dis

Berlin, Germany based homie Okey Dokey flexing his throwback muscles with this wet n wavy minimix. He also runs one ill ass up to thee time blog. Dive in! Blam. Blam.

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